Recommend me some 3DS games

Yeah, agree to disagree. There isn’t a single n64 port on the 3DS that isn’t better on the 3DS. Grezzo did a great job on those games and actually improved upon the originals.

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I didn’t play Majoras on the 3DS, but OOT was a pretty solid port. I really liked the gyro aiming and I had the 3D set all the way up.

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I agree that they’re improved over the originals. I just happen to personally like the originals more. They strike a different tone for me, it’s hard to explain.

I mentioned in another thread that I nearly always prefer original games over remasters and the same principle applies here. Nothing against the 3DS versions though - they are fantastic, faithful recreations, and run better than the originals.


I feel you on that. Know it could just be my nostalgia though. For MM especially the 3ds version just doesn’t seem to have the same “feel”. The original seemed to have a more bleak atmosphere going on in it that made the game for me that was lost with the redesign. But again, could just be nostalgia. Also fuck the swimming change.

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I recommend Shinobi. It’s not the best looking game, and I wouldn’t rank it as high as the Genesis games, but it’s a great 16-bit style hardcore action platformer.

For short downloadable games, I like Crimson Shroud, Fairune, 80’s Overdrive, and Sakura Samurai.

And Shantae: Risky’s Revenge (it’s technically DSi but downloadable for 3DS as well).

Some great recommendations. That reddit list in particular. I’ll add:

  • Pilotwings Resort (excellent 3D and a real challenge to 100%)

  • Rhythm Thief & the Emperor’s Treasure

  • Pullblox/Pushmo Trilogy (eShop)

  • Attack of the Friday Monsters! (eShop)

It’s just an astonishing machine being able to play literally every great Nintendo game released to that point on all their previous handhelds. And if you add RetroArch then you can play most other retro systems.

One thing I’ve noted - by my count you can play 10 mainline Zelda games on it. Eleven if you have Minish Cap as an amdassador title.

Been on a Mario and Zelda kick since getting back into current Nintendo platforms. I might get some of those older Zelda games on VC.

You should check out Crimson Shroud on the eshop! 6 ish hours, great story, interesting die based tabletop presentation and combat. I highly recommend it!

Three games for now:

Aeroporter: Quirky game from Yoot Saito (Seaman, The Tower) where you have to sort baggage at an airport in increasingly more complex and demanding situations. Loved it.

Ridge Racer 3D: Saw it mentioned above. The last Ridge Racer to be developed internally at Namco. It’s like Ridge Racers 3, only focusing on the best of 6 and 7. Ditches 7’s balance-ruining machine upgrades which is good, but retains the slipstreaming. Has a lengthy campaign as you’d expect. 3D effect is phenomenal.

Alliance Alive: Delightful RPG which, while not anything particularly new, is a surprisingly well thought out and well executed game. If you want good craftsmanship in your RPGs, and no unnecessary fluff (took me under 30 hours to beat it and it felt fully formed in that time), then check this one out. This is an interesting interview from the game’s director.

I’m glad someone has mentioned Crimson Shroud!