Has anyone ordered from lately? On their site it says their GBA/GBC/GB cases are out of stock and it doesn’t look like they have posted anything on Facebook since Feb. I heard these are good cases so I wanted to pick some up but they havn’t responded to my email and I can’t find any current info on them.

They are still paying for their 800 number so I am assuming that they are still in business. Someone who is out of business isn’t going to continue to pay for that type of number. They produce in quantity then they run out of stock and it takes months to restock. I wonder if they run more than one business out of their location.

I’ve been wanting to buy their gbx case forever. I just don’t have the space to set them up the way I would like to yet.

I bought a Genesis case from them a few months ago. Took a while (in the US), but it was a stellar case. It really impressed me.

Yeah thats what I hear about them. I guess I’ll just have to wait and then place a huge order.