Resellers are the bane of my existence


Rereleases can definetely dull a games value. Xenoblade for wii and Radiant historia for DS used to be $60+ games, but rereleases and ports have dropped their values to like 35 and 15-20.

Are there not exceptions to this? I recall people saying the Saturn version of Radiant Silvergun was going to drop because of the re-release on XBLA back in the day but it still sells for quite high. Although, I haven’t checked recently so maybe it slightly dropped.


It depends. Mostly on if the rerelease is any different from the version currently available. A downloadable rerelease on a newer system will do less/may not effect the value of a game as much as an exact reprinting of the game.


I’m frustrated right now with Castlevania SotN. I’ve had the PSN version for a while but wanted to grab a physical copy to be able to play on my CRT/ retro setup. The prices for a black label copy have been getting higher and higher lately (many ebay auctions ending north of $70) and I can’t figure out why. Bleh.


Why limit yourself to black label?


Because it is prettier :smiley: and the disc art hasn’t been messed with.


Gotcha. Just wanted to make sure they didn’t change anything for the greatest hits version.


Strangely, the NTSC-U version of the game didn’t have much for disc art.