eBay discount time again

10% off anything for the next 24 hours. I think they’re on to us!

PICKUPTEN is the coupon code.

I’ve made this a generic topic title so we can use it again for future promotions that allow for retro gaming discounts on eBay.

I’ve been spoiled with the 15% and 20% discounts in the summer. 10% doesn’t phase me !

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Yeah, I can’t get too excited about this one. If I had something specific in mind, I’d do it now, but the only thing I’m even considering these days is some form of Turbografx hardware and I’m not ready to go splashing out for that.

That said, always good to know they’re running these!

Used the code to pick up a CIB copy of Nanostray 2 DS. Normally I’d hold off for the better coupons but this one copy was like less than half the common BIN prices.

That’s great! I’m trying to lock down a little with Christmas coming.

Picked up a copy of final fight guy for the collection. I had it saved in hopes of an eBay discount code. Hooray!

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Well, I just rushed home from work to buy a couple games before the 8 pm deadline … only to realize after purchase that it was 8 am. Oh well, both were OK prices to start with so whatever! I just can’t get in sync with these damn codes!

Not a coupon code, but they sent me a $5 off coupon via the app. I’ve seen this once before recently. Seems to work on anything. Check your app if you’re doing any shopping!

10% off for me after I added £70 to my basket. But that was two alternative items so I only want l want to spend half. I’ll keep waiting.