RESULTS: RGB's favorite consoles!

The votes have been counted! 20 platforms were voted in, and the winner is…

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System!

It won by a hair, barely edging out the PlayStation and Mega Drive/Genesis by 1 and 2 votes respectively. Thanks for voting everyone!

Here are the results and a nice visual breakdown for the fun of it.

Poll Results (weighted)

These results were used to determine the winner.

1. SNES - 28
2. PlayStation - 27
3. Mega Drive/Genesis - 26
4. NES - 23
5. Nintendo 64 - 17
6. Saturn - 14
7. PlayStation 2 - 12
8. Xbox 360 - 7
9. Wii - 6
T-10. Game Boy Color - 5
T-10. Nintendo DS - 5
T-12. Dreamcast - 4
T-12. Game Boy - 4
T-14. Xbox - 3
T-14. Master System - 3
T-16. GameCube - 2
T-16. Neo Geo - 2
T-16. PC Engine/Turbografx-16 - 2
T-19. Commodore 64 - 1
T-19. Nintendo 3DS - 1

And for fun…

Unweighted Results:

This shows how many times a console received a vote anywhere on someone’s list.

1. SNES - 15
2. PlayStation - 14
3. Mega Drive/Genesis - 11
4. NES - 10
T-5. PlayStation 2 - 7
T-5. Saturn - 7
7. Nintendo 64 - 6
8. Xbox 360 - 5
9. Nintendo DS - 3
T-10. GameCube - 2
T-10. Game Boy - 2
T-10. Game Boy Color - 2
T-10. Wii - 2
T-10. Dreamcast - 2
T-10. PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16 - 2
T-16. Xbox - 1
T-16. Sega Master System - 1
T-16. Nintendo 3DS - 1
T-16. Commodore 64 - 1
T-16. Neo Geo - 1

Random thoughts:

As I expected, the N64 was an all or nothing console. It only received 6 votes, but all but one of the voters voted it as their favorite system. It reflects the love it or hate it opinion on the system you find in many online retro communities :stuck_out_tongue:

While SNES and PS1 finished first and second respectively, they barely received anyone’s #1 vote. Only 2 people put the SNES as their absolute favorite - 3 for PS1. Posters were more passionate about the NES, Genesis and N64, even if they appeared on fewer peoples’ lists.

Looks like this board prefers 90s gaming, as 5 of the top 6 consoles peaked in the 90s. I wonder how the data would look when cross referenced with an RGB age poll :open_mouth:

That’s it for now. Thanks again everyone!

Link to voting thread: POLL (kinda): RGB's favorite consoles!


Oh boy, I was the only person that voted AT ALL for the Master System.

I wonder what it’s like for all of you folks to be so wrong all the time… :stuck_out_tongue:

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In a different order, but the top 4 matches mine. Confirms RGB peeps have good taste.

I feel like a lot of people would say PS1 feels more like the Super Nintendo successor than the N64 did so it makes sense they’re at the top.

It’s funny in that we know exactly why Nintendo 64 didn’t have the 3rd party support of its predecessor, but looking back now, Nintendo’s bad decisions kind of made for 2 very distinct platforms with unique propositions.

Which we now know is pretty much their M.O. all the time. Were they already trying to swim in the blue ocean all the way back then? Probably not (although yes in some respects like introducing analog, 4 controller ports as standard), but it’s fun to think about! Would the market have been different had the N64 and PS1 been more similar?

Great results Balb, awesome thread :+1:t4:

Thanks for this! Great fun.

It only remains for me to say: Wii was robbed! :laughing:

Want to hear something sad? I’ve never actually played one. I’ve been meaning to get on a power base converter for a few years now. :sweat:

Edit: thanks @balb for putting the thread together. It was fun to read everyone’s memories about each piece of hardware.

I thought we already discussed this and all votes for a Mega Drive includes the Master System and thus SMS is the number 1 voted system with 29 points edging out the SNES by a single point and rightly so!

Though if we actually go by this PS1 wins with SMS second and well I’m happy with that as well. :wink:

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This was awesome to participate in and the results are very interesting. It highlights the luxury of choice we have as retro game lovers. :slight_smile:

Thanks again @balb for putting this together, awesome contribution!

Great poll! This was a lot of fun and the participation you managed to achieve was incredible.

Glad my tip three ended up being the top three. I’m always right!

So true.

Do you have an everdrive for your Genesis?

I really hope you check it out, I’ve got lots of good games suggestions when you do!

Nice to see the results.

I hated leaving it off but with only three slots, I narrowed it down to only one console per company and gave Sega’s spot to the Genesis.

Damn, you haven’t played pre-NES consoles or SMS? Get on that. :wink:

Have you played SMS games on Virtual Console or other emulation? There’s some good stuff on Switch like Phantasy Star and on multiple modern consoles like the Power Strike/Aleste games and Wonder Boy III (the remake includes the original style but with a better frame rate).

Great poll! Diverse and interesting results!

I’ve played a few of the Sonic master system games. But that’s about it. I still need to check out Phantasy Star and Alex Kidd stuff soon. I was a big Genesis kid so I have been meaning to go back to Sega’s prior titles. I love their arcade stuff from that era too (mostly the Yu Suzuki stuff).

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Alex Kidd in Miracle World was pretty groundbreaking for its time but newcomers might be put off by its difficulty and some frustrating design decisions like rock-paper-scissors boss battles. Even if someone doesn’t like it, they should still check out Alex Kidd in Shinobi World which is quite different and more accessible (in terms of gameplay). It’s too bad it doesn’t have any modern re-releases anymore since the original VC was taken down.

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I love Alex Kidd in Miracle World. I even wrote a review about it when I finally managed too finish it recently.

I would also highly recommend Alex Kidd in Shinobi World, Shinobi, Fantasy Zone I and II, Castle of Illusion and Land of Illusion, R-Type, Golden Axe Warrior, Golvellius, Choplifter, Penguin Land, Quarter, Ninja Gaiden… I could go on.


Great review. I love the game, too, but sometimes new players are shocked by the difficulty.

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