So which color are you getting (Analogue SG)

  • I like my Mega Drives like I like my Mark III’s (All White)
  • USA! USA! USA! (Red & White)
  • Who Needs PC Engine? (Red & Blue)
  • Be a PAL and vote for me (Grey & White)

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I thought this might be an official limited MD but it turns out that some fan made it based off of some anime. It looks pretty awesome. Anyway, it fooled me until I found the link below talking about how a fan made it.

Shinryaku! Ika Musume (Invader! Squid Girl)

I think this might be the only official white MD/Genesis that was official.


Sega consoles’ main colour in Japan

White (SG1000)
White (Mark III)
Black (Mega Drive)
Grey/White (Saturn)
White (DC)

Brief dalliance with black, faded back to white via being temporarily grey.


White (Sega 1000)
Black (SG3000)
Black (Master System)
Black (Mega Drive)
Black (Saturn)
White (DC)

After success with the black MD/Genesis they kept at the motif for longer.

Still not sure if I’m buying one. I do lust after it though and if I am to have one it will have to be JAPAN colors as that’s the version I grew up with.

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I will always buy my electronics in white when possible!

^ White console supremacist.


Still on the fence about ordering one… Would probably not be until the new year, have to look at finances after Christmas. But I’d be ordering the North American colour scheme, as I would want it to match my Model 1 Genny.

In fact, the first game I’d play on it, should I order one, is Altered Beast. #alteredbeastdefenseforce

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I gotta day, the chassis design on this one is a step down from their Super NT. That one was more stylish.

I’m kinda the other way on this. Don’t even know why since it’s the same general shape, but I like this one more.

Preordered the jpn colours. I came close to white but I feel the black would go better in my shelves.

As far as the shape goes, I really love it. It’s a perfect abstraction of the classic design. Keeps the basic design elements but streamlined it to feel more modern. Love it.

Tempted by the JPN but think I’ll have to go PAL…

PAL wronged you all those years with 50hz you don’t need it anymore !

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Get chill…


Please tell me that’s not real!

Oh my sweet summer child…

PAL is butt. They always had SCART and easy RGB for systems that supported it but the price you paid…

We didn’t even have SCART here so it was 100% butts.

God god, what a life.