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I’ve gotta say, I like 600-line-and-under sets for 480i and certain consoles but those razor-sharp scanlines are pretty swell in their own right, especially for more static or text-heavy games like sRPGs or VNs.


It’s all subjective.


That’s the truth.

Bonus question, does anyone know exactly what is needed to interface an S-video cable to the Crosspoint? I’m thinking of grabbing one to replace a couple of S-video/component switches I currently use. A cursory search turned up a simple cable, is this all I need (seems to make sense for Y/C)?



Yeah, that’s all you need. And a S-video female to female adapter to allow you to connect your console’s S-video cable to that BNC adapter. Probably really obvious, but one of your Crosspoint’s outputs must also be set up for S-video since the switch doesn’t do any signal conversion. Can’t pipe S-video through the same BNC output you have for RGB/Component.


Thanks! I was looking at this one as an example, it says it supports S-video. Would I just have to configure an input/output for it once I got it, or would I have to make sure it’s been set up already or something?


That’s the one to get. For no reason other than it’s newer and maybe has less wear, try getting the last revision labeled Crosspoint Ultra (and hold out for a 12 in, 8 out unit!):

Just have to configure an input and output.
Console – Console S-video cable – S-video F-to-F adapter – S-video Y adaptor (Male S-video to 2-BNC) to Extron input – Extron output to another S-video Y adaptor – TV/monitor S-video input


Has anybody noticed any compatibility improvements between the OSSC and Super Nintendo recently? I haven’t done any updates in a while and SNES still drops sync on me from time to time. I’m wondering if I should bite the bullet and go Super NT, but I’d prefer the OSSC if it has improved.


Despite the patch notes not specifically mentioning it, something changed. Before my Twin Fami/Snes mini would drop sync on 5x mode now it works like a champ on the same setup.


Interesting. I actually get mine to work on 5x with no drops (now) but just because something changed for you will it work for me is the question. I am afraid it will no longer work at all (as 5x is the only mode snes works on my set up). But iirc you can roll back patches. I think the patching process is overly convoluted. The update they had the last time didn’t add enough for me to figure it out so I didn’t bother.


Cool, I’ll look into it. I’m lucky that all resolutions are supported on my TV, but it drops sync for a second or two regardless of the settings.


I’m having issues with my SNES mini and buzzing audio. I’ve tried recapping it but that didn’t solve it. It’s clearly video noise interfering with the audio. I’m running an unshielded( as in the RGBS lines are not individually shielded) scart cable from RetroAccess. I’ve read conflicting reports on whether getting the shielded cable will make the difference.

I’ve tried all 3 of my SNES power adapters and my 2 spare SNES consoles. They all buzz exactly the same.

I don’t think its my setup. My ps2 over scart going through the same setup is dead silent and it’s all running from 1 outlet so there is no ground loop.

To be clear this is the audio buzzing I’m talking about.


I’m totally new to RGB. I just got a JP21 RGB cable for my Genesis, and tried to hook it up to the XRGB-Mini, but the screen has a yellow/green tint to it. Could I possibly be doing something wrong, or is the cable bad, or? I remember when I first used the XRGB-Mini with component, it had a pink tint and I fixed that but I honestly can’t remember how.


Why did you go JP-21? The majority of the accessories you will find are designed with euro scart in mind. Just curious.

Did you get the Euro Scart adapter instead of the JP-21 adapter?


The XRGB-Mini came with a JP21 -> mini RGB connector. I don’t have the Euro SCART adapter for the XRGB Mini, and I don’t have anything that uses Euro SCART. It didn’t seem to make much sense to me to convert to Euro SCART back to JP21, so I bought a JP21 cable to accomplish the goal directly.

EDIT: Here is what it looks like


Looks like the red or blue signal isn’t coming through for some reason


Are you connecting to a SCART Switch?


Looks like the red is missing. I bought a brand new scart cable one time that had the pin for the red pushed in, inside the connector and it looked just like this. Take a look at the scart head!


The pins look fine to me from the outside, but I guess it’s possible something isn’t connected properly inside the cable. It was a cheap cable, so maybe I could open it up and poke around. This is a totally new area for me, but I feel hamstrung not understanding how these cables work in the first place, so maybe it’s time to learn.

I noticed Retro Access finally has cables in stock (every time I look, they’re out of stock), so I went ahead and bought a XRGB Mini Euro SCART adapter, a Genesis Euro SCART cable, and a general JP21 -> Euro SCART cable for future use. The Genesis cable is nice since it has the stereo out for model 1 Genesis on it, so overall I guess that’ll be an upgrade once I get it.


It is very easy to unscrew and look into a scart head if you want to take a look and would be pretty obvious if something is not connected. Harder to fix of course and it is also possible the cable itself is messed up.


I opened it up, and a glob of glue was hanging by a thread and then fell out, but there wasn’t anything attached to it. I’ve been staring at the JP21 pinout and at my cable.

Going by this, in my cable, pins 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 7, 13, and 17 are not connected to anything.