Retro AV |OT| RGB, CRTs, Upscalers, and more


Should be nice and warmed up now! Haha. In all seriousness though, hopefully nothing burned in or is worse for wear.


Nah, nothing was bring displayed on the screen. I didn’t know it was even on. It was playing a 480p game last so no 15hz high pitched noise was present.


Try beating the final boss on Jackal for the NES using a Framemeister.

Try getting any further than Mr. Sandman in Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out for that matter.


I don’t play NES games. It has no nostalgia value to me since I was brought up in the UK were the Master System ruled. I do play games that require good input latency such as Virtua Fighter and the likes of without any problems at all. I will tell you the only time I did notice lag and sold the game because of it. That was Otomious (or whatever it was called) on the 360. It’s a horizontal shooter in 3D by Konami. That game felt so wrong with wired or wireless controllers. Now that was lag. I know it wasn’t the TV or my set up because everything felt fine but that game felt laggy as soon as I started playing.

I’ve even finished Parappa The Rappa via the Framemeister without any problems. Surely that game needs acurate timing?


Ha, I’ve done it before with my PVM. Walk downstairs…why is the power light o…oh shit!


I saw this TV on CL, Is that a SCART connector at the bottom? It has RGB adjustments to the right. Wat?


Yeah looks like it is.

The RCA Dimensia TVs had a SCART Port. It was called “EIA Multiport” on it, but it was still wired as a full Euro SCART



That’s a crazy back panel: I particularly like the External Speaker connectors as well! Plus S-Video? You should just buy it for $20 to check it out, would make for a cool little project. PLUS WOOD PANELING!


Ha, I was kind of hoping it wasn’t so I wouldn’t be interested. Ugh, no room though. Also not too keen to drive over the pass anytime soon with snow at sea level now.

@Vespa love the “remote size of a small pizza” comment in that thread, haha.


I need to see this remote now!


Wow! Super cool find!


I have a problem.

I bought another 32fv310 as a…spare? Maybe I’ll stack 2 fv310s side by side for street cred.


You can never have enough CRTs!

Now if only I could convince everyone else in the house of that…:thinking:

Great score though! 32" is just about the perfect size; just big enough to throw your back out while moving and plenty of screen space to play lightgun games while you are in physical therapy!




Can’t imagine how cool it must be to play on a good 32inch CRT. It’s bern forever since I played on one that big and even then the best I had was composite.

It must look awesome


@Bozo_Cyborg Now that I have 2 identical crts I’m thinking of making a rig to deadlift both of them. I think it would make a fun video and it’s something everyone always jokes about

@Peltz I’m sure you’ve seen some of my pics before. Imagine a 32" pvm and that’s the fv310 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Are the FS models not worth picking up if an FV is an option for a few bucks more.


From this amazing Facebook group


Oh man, that’s kinda cool! Small pizza indeed lol


I’d pick up any set with component if it was in good shape (strong picture, good physical condition). I’d choose the FV though if it’s either/or.