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The FS sets are still decent if they haven’t seen too many hours but they are a large step down from the FV series

Source: I’ve owned a fs100 and fs120



I got a solution to that problem if you live within driving distance of northern VA. :3 Only half joking, I desperately want one.

I still check the various Craigslists literally daily for one. Never seen one for sale in my area. I keep getting disappointed when I see the same guy’s post about buying them come up always hoping when its gone for a day or two that he got one so I can have less competition/can start posting one of my own.



I’ve been looking on and off for the past 2 year since I got my other one and I havn’t found a single one. This was actually advertised as an FV310 and he was asking for $100. I debated for a bit and decided to just go for it.



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Anyone have much experience with the Panasonic Tau line of CRTs? How do they compare with the Trinitrons? I have an opportunity to grab one of these:



Picked up the 24" model in that line a few months ago (CT-24SL14J). It looks very different from what is shown in that link though, and the one pictured looks almost like a 16:9 set but that may just be the scaling. If it is like my set it’s a great model.

I only tested it for a few minutes before I had to store it but overall PQ is a step up from the D-series JVC I have but maybe not quite as sharp as my Fv320 WEGA. It has some focus issues around the edges (more than my other flat tubes) and I have not taken the time to look into the menus for it. You can see the difference in this quick snap (Genesis 2 VA3 thru Component).

I wholeheartedly endorse picking it up. Component capable CRTs in decent condition are always a good idea in my book, and this is really a top-tier TV.



Thanks, that helps a lot. This would be replacing a Sony KV-24FS100. Want to make sure it’s enough of an upgrade to endure the inevitable spousal disapproval. :slight_smile:



The other day I came across this on trying to explain how a tv works. I posted here cause I’m really not sure what to think of it. :confused:

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I finally have a chance to take a look at my new 32fv310…and compare it to my other 32fv310 and my BVM



I am thoroughly jelly. Looking good.



Well after several hours of playing around in the service menu I’m unable to get my new 310 to look as good as my current one so this will be the one I do a tear down and rebuild on. Maybe some new caps and some hardware adjustments will bring it back to new.

I took some photos on my Pixel 2 phone. It does a pretty good job of taking the shots but it does butcher the colors sometimes. I’n really just worried about how “clean” the image looks.
Here’s my current 310

Here’s my new 310. We are talking a very slight difference in clarity

For comparison here my BVM1911. The color/brightness/contrast is out of wack but I’m comparing clarity here

For fun I brought out my JVC 32D503 which is an 800 line 32" monitor that I was never very happy with. Heres how it looked:

After finding a setting in the service menu it now looks like this!

I’m blown away by the improvment on the JVC. It’s like going from composite - RGB. The D series are a curved shadow mask tube which gives it a very different look then compared to the trinitrons andI think I actually prefer it for older arcade games and the curved tube gives it perfect geometry as well.

I’m unable to dial in the colors, contrast and brightness properly on the JVC. Everything gets overblown with alot of color bleed. I wonder if a hardware level tuneup can make it nice and crispy.



I guess a big scary thing about buying those older tube TVs is knowing that they are consumer products that weren’t build to last as long as the professional ones. Its good to know you have had success with revitalizing them.



Well, the top models had ana amazing life expectancy. My larents used every day for literally 30 years and old Trinitron, and it quietly died because it fell off the shelf.

Also, professional monitor most of the time were utilised way more than consumer tvs. Many were turned on 24/7.