Retro Game Board Update Log

this one is cool

can you screen cap it for me so I know we are talking about the same gray?

this one right now haha

Believe it or not, the blue is harder for me to see on this gray than the original black

While I got you, can you change the dialogue box that shows up when you have a thread saved as draft, go to another thread and then back to the main page? It asks if I want to discard my draft with a red button saying “yes please” and an almost invisible button saying “no, keep”.

Can you have it not show up at all? like, the only way to get rid of a draft would be to go click “cancel” at the bottom of it.

I will look into a solution for this. Not sure what the options are, but I will try to make it an option in your preferences.

:nerd_face: actually, sites typically use a test landing page before pushing updates to the live site. Check if the forum has that functionality so users don’t see all the quirky test phase stuff.

Oh we do. I just don’t use it.

Yay! Looking good.

(No but, seriously, thanks for staying on top of us about this. Glad it finally works)

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Haha yeeeesssss

Testing revised blue in themes, favicon, and desktop icons. Will be leaving this up for a while.

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