Retro Game Boards Logo Contest

Right now, we have a temporary logo that I made in Mario Paint (yes, really). But I’d like to officially invite anyone who’d like to submit a design for a new logo (even joke designs) to do so in this thread.

Please bear in mind, any plagiarized logos cannot be used for obvious reasons, so do try to avoid that. I’d like to avoid anything that is too close to’s logo (pixelated red R, green G, blue B). Other than that, all designs are welcome.

The winner would need to agree to give up their rights to the design so that it may be owned by the owners of this website. But they will be given a special tag for being a total logo designing baller.

Current one is good. ( ._.)

current one is too small. At the very least it should be cropped, and maybe the halos cleaned up.


That does look cool. I’ll sub it in tonight.

Here’s one sent to me by Galdelico:


I like that alot

idk, the current one shows the red “glow” off better.

the red shouldn’t glow that much compared to the other colours. If it’s pure red (which it seems), then the CRT owner has some colour settings to tweak.

I pumped up the contrast on this on purpose to get as much bloom as possible because people wanted more bloom. Normally, my crt looks different. Bear in mind also, there is less green pixels being lit and they are sandwiched between the other two colors which is why you’re not seeing as prominent of a glow there

I like this a lot. On my phone it looks very pastel. Is it meant to be like that or is my phone color off?



Thanks for your comments guys. That was a quickie.
@Kawika, yeah it’s meant to look like that, as a nod to the C64 colour palette, but also for legibility’s sake on the dark background. Didn’t notice there is a clear one too, so it may look off on the whole.

@SaturnMemories love it.

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I like this too. It’s so game geary

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Alternative version with some depth added:


Loving the work so far! I’ve pinned this topic so it doesn’t get buried (Pin to last 1 week currently, or until otherwise removed).

My (joke, but maybe not) contribution:


That damn bear!!!

Lookin’ good. Keep in mind the logo’s gonna be tiny at the top of the screen (or at least it is now) so detailed, small stuff won’t show up well. Loving the ovally one, Galdelico’s looks good too, but the text at the bottom would probably not show up.

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@linko9, the topic is pinned, but the forum defaults to aggregating a “newest activity view” which sometimes messes with the pin. We’re looking into it.

…and my submission is definitely a joke, in case no one got that. Sweet bear though.

Impossible to top @BTails masterpiece, now.

Just for fun:

Went for a not entirely gaming-related style, this time, yet keeping the 80s nostalgia factor high. RGB - as in the 3 colours layout - is still there, and the background should adapt better to both themes.