Retro Game Board Update Log

Hi all, this thread will be where I document changes made to RGB on the back end.

Recently, I’ve done the following:

  • Deleted any first and last names entered by users into their profile

  • Increased max file size to 99,999 kb

  • Increased max image size to 99,999 kb

  • Increased max image width to 3840 pixels

  • Increased max image height to 2160 pixels

  • Removed all posting restrictions for new users - if anyone experiences posting restrictions, please PM me. There are a ton of menu options on our back end software and it’s possible I missed one or two.

Thank you everyone.


One more update:

  • Added Buy/Sell/Trade section of website. Please read the disclaimer/rules sticky there before posting.


  • Created a Social section (e.g. off topic). All posts that don’t pertain to videogames can be placed there.

  • Reverted max width and height of images to default setting due to formatting issues. They can be expanded by clicking on them. Max size of images (99,999 kb) remains unaffected. Images have no max resolution when expanded.

  • Updated max links and images per post for new user.



  • Removed ability for users to see previous versions of edited posts.
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Implemented new logos. Dark theme has final logo with final light blue color.

Light logo temporarily has darker blue until updated lighter blue color PNG without background can be sent by New002 (in a day or two).

Banner on light theme has been changed from white to light grey.


Any chance the favicon could be redone at a larger size (without padding)



I’ll be honest… I have no idea why it’s doing that. The logo is not padded. Does anyone have any ideas?

I’ve fiddled with it for a while without any luck.

Hmmm…I sent them without a background but maybe it’s still reading the invisible artboard based on how it gets read? Peltz I can send you a different version with a closer cropped invisible artboard and we can see if that makes a difference.

Yes, let’s give that a shot. Make sure it’s light theme.


Will send tomorrow!

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That’s for being so understanding when I send these little nitpicks.

Of course. We could always be better.

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current favicon png is


Temporarily changed dark theme logo with a lighter blue color.

Updated favicon

Reverted to OG logo.

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Purple, eh?

[edit]wait, now it’s light grey

playing around with the header to try and make the blue pop more

Got any suggestions?

Haha ok, didn’t think the changes you’d make would update in real time like that. I thought you impremented a random colour switch

Nah… usually sites go “down for maintenance.” but meh… I like keeping it up.

How’s this gray?