Retro Game Boards OFFICIAL MERCHANDISE for sale!!!!

Like everything else on our site, all proceeds go to the charity.

Time to get decked out in our beautiful logo (generously designed by @New002 in our logo contest from 2 years ago). In true retro fashion, we are going full Spaceballs with this.

Here’s a taste of what you can order:

Myself, I really love the look of the Retro Game Boards lightweight hoodie. It makes for the perfect outfit for curling up with a Retro Game Boards pillow and Retro Game Boards throw blanket, so you can sip coffee from your Retro Game Boards mug while playing a retro console with a Retro Game Boards decal on it. Sounds like the perfect setup!

Special thanks to our man, @D.Lo for making this happen.

By purchasing an item, you support the site and support the cause! So get decked out! Cheers!




Thanks @D.Lo! Awesome work!

Tempted by the coffee mugs lol