Reviewing: Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality

I’m sure i’m not the only person to have bought the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality recently.

I combed through the whole bundle of games the other day and made a shortlist of what I want to check out further. 48 items

I’ll post each game here as I play them, with mini reviews.

Reminds me of Hunter (1991, ST/Amiga). Land/sea/air vehicle based exploration game with collecting and races. Really chilled out game. Vehicles are a bit loose control but it’s a good few hours of pleasant, non-violent fun.

Extreme jet-powered car stunt platform game. Each wheel has a thruster, which makes for interesting controls when airborne. Jump and boost through the air, pass through gates and aim for the end of level target. Skills required. A lot of fun! Not been able to try online multi-player as yet.

Interactive, rotatable dioramas with hot spots. Style over substance. I need to try it with headphones as recommended. But, meh.

Really tight, 1-bit rogue-like. I’ve avoided rogue-likes for the past while due to overuse of the term and my aversion to RPGs. But this is a lovely little game. Managed level 4 on my first go, will definitely get further on my next game now I know how it works!

Have you played celeste. I didn’t see it on your list.

I’ve played a bit of both the pico8 original and the Switch revision. Not really my cup of tea.

I just assumed you were aiming for the ones that weren’t the super popular/already known ones that still looked good. Short Hike was a big surprise for me last year and is, as it’s name implies, pretty short.

I have to admit I think I went off the wrong way round the island in A Short Hike - nobody to talk to and nothing to do for ages - and by the time I realised I was burned. Will go back to it though.

I keep coming back to Perfect Park.

I’ve had some great online competition.