8-Bit Adventure Anthology Vol 1 - MacVentures port for PS4/XONE/PC


Hey everyone, looks like 3 out of the 4 MacVentures have been rereleased today as the “8-Bit Adventure Anthology”. This is the first I’ve heard of it, looks like Shadowgate, Uninvited, and Deja Vu are included. Based on the video and screens, it looks like they’ve taken the Kemco NES ports of these games, put them in a wrapper with various filters/borders, and are selling them as a bundle. This would explain why Deja Vu 2 isn’t included (It never received a NES port, though had a great GBC port back in the day!).

The website is pretty neat, with an 80s throwback vibe and a demo of the games built in. Not a bad price, and interesting that they’re calling this “Volume 1”… I wonder what other 8-Bit Adventures they could port to make a Vol 2?

Anyone going to pick these up? I love the games, but I’ve played them all so many times… Price seems to be $7.99 for each.


Storefront links:

Playstation Network


Xbox Live

I’m interested, but got a few other games on my plate right now so not gonna rush to get them. Thanks for the heads up though as I wouldn’t have even known about this otherwise.

I will check out the demo. Despite being an adventure game fan, I wasn’t into those games previously but I wouldn’t mind giving them another chance.

Doesn’t seem like the extra features justify the price tag. Also, the website, while neat, isn’t very great from a strictly informational standpoint.

One thing that’s really neat about these is that they’ve added mouse support to what are clearly emulated NES games.