RGB Free To A Good Home Thread

Welcome to the RGB thread for giving away free stuff.

When offering up your freebie, please be as detailed as possible. Include all important information, such as if the item is region free, where you’re willing to ship to, if the receiver is required to pay for shipping, etc.

Please do not accept something with the intention of selling of selling it for profit.

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I’ll get things started.

I have a code for a free digital guide from Prima Games, so if anyone wants an eGuide from the Prima Games website, let me know.

I also have digital movie codes for the Planet of the Apes trilogy. As far as I know, these will only work in Canada and the US, but there may be ways around that. If possible, I would prefer not split up the movies.

First person to claim either giveaway can have them.

I’d love to get the digital codes for the Apes movies.

Sent you a DM. :grinning:

Hi, there. I am interested in the Prima games code if it is still available.
Please and thank you :slight_smile:

Check your messages. :grinning:

Feel free to redeem this code which I received today. Because Splatoon 2 has a different SKU per region I suspect it may only work on the European eShops.

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This thread could use some love. I have a CIB version of Advance Wars: “Dark Conflict” that I received in error from Amazon. Because I couldn’t live with the EU box clashing with my nice, neat row of DS boxes, I ended up getting the NA version, too. My anal-retentiveness is your gain: pay for shipping and I’ll gladly send you the game for free.


Giving away a digital download code for Moss for Playstation VR. The code is NTSC, so you’ll need a PSN account for the correct region in order to redeem.

Must have at least 10 posts on this forum to qualify

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Sending you a PM

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Are you still interested in giving this away?

I have a pretty large collection of PAL DS games as I moved from Europe back in 2011. So I’m fine with both the look of it and paying shipping.

Depends on how much the shipping to Canada costs though.

Sorry, wish I had known sooner (and I should have updated the thread) - not getting much interest here, I eventually just posted it on eBay.

No worries, it’s fine.

After looking up the PAL version, it looks like it has a different localization anyway. So I’d probably prefer a US copy.