Another eBay coupon for September 27, PICKSOON

Entry coming soon to the RGB Pick Ups thread. :smiley:

15% off anything. Max $100 savings.


I just grabbed Bare Knuckle 1&2 with this. I don’t even buy anything off ebay anymore untill a sale pops up

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US only? Ebay UK wouldn’t accept it

Unfortunately, yes it’s US only.

@Socksfelloff Yup. I have been using these about every two to four weeks to snag stuff from overseas because it makes it even more affordable! This time, I got some super deals and paid roughly $20 per item where some are worth quite a bit more.

Grabbed Gunbird for Saturn.


Damn. I missed it. These things come and go so fast. Is there a way to get alerts from eBay about these (and only these - I don’t need an email from eBay every damn day)?

Probably have to get daily emails. I saw the info via Cheap Ass Gamer on Twitter on Tuesday. I think they always run these on a Wednesday but I could be wrong about that?

I may have gone overboard. Bought like 20 games for different systems. On tthe plus side I now own more than 1 n64 game.


On my Android phone the app throws a message in my notifications so I never miss a sale.

Ha! Yeah, I think my total was the most I have spent on one of these coupons. I purchased from two different sellers this time too.

The savings is real though. You likely can’t get these specific things we’re buying on sale anywhere else but eBay. Short of scouring yard and garage sales, even with local retro stores I love, I’m doing really well with these coupons.

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Finally pulled the trigger on a set of dpad modded joycons with the coupon. Been eyeing them for a while.

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Nice! One thing I thought I’d buy this time around just for thr fun of trying it was a Namco Jogcon. I decided to hold off as I’m still in Super Famicom mode atm (love the Super Nt) but I’ll get one with a future coupon.

I love the idea of a d-pad Joycon. I keep hoping Nintendo will produce an official one sometime.

I love mine ! I bought the shells and did the swap myself.


Just got a notification saying 22 items have shipped. Now we play the waiting game

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Nice! Where is it all coming from? Did you use just one seller?

All my stuff has shipped as of today. Great communication from both sellers as I always seem to get from Japan. I have about half as many items as you but two different sellers. It’ll take a couple weeks which is totally cool with me. It’s worth the wait and I have plenty to play in the meantime.

Yeah got it all from 1 seller so the shipping wouldn’t kill me. It’s coming from Japan so it’ll take a couple of weeks. Got famicom, super famicom, ps1, ps2, n64 and gameboy games coming in. They were so cheap I couldn’t help myself.


That’s the way to do it. Great use of the discount.

That’s great. I’m finding the shipping to be very reasonable depending on the seller. One that I’ve used three times now is Japan 4 You.

They charge $2.99 for the first game and I think it’s $1.49 for each additional item. The other seller I used this time was Free Shipping so ultimately the shipping charge was $6. I spent over $150 total before coupon. I know I got a really good deal. J4U is great for the cheap stuff too. A lot of sellers don’t have the dollar to five dollar games listed at all but they do for Super Famicom so instead of paying US prices for the likes of a Final Fight, I got it from them. I like that they also price stuff based on quality. I don’t mind a little yellowing on a cart or a label that’s just barely nicked, so I can save a lot buying from them.

I’m very happy with how my SNES/SFC collection is coming together after neglecting the system for so many years. While there are some really high priced things out there, I’m finding a lot of it to be rather affordable specifically by buying from Japan with these coupons. With so much that never made it to the US, I’m playing games that are totally new to me all the time, too!

Everything I’ve ever ordered from Japan has been free shipping to Canada. Even something as large as a Twin Famicom Turbo. We get wrecked on the exchange but at least we get good shipping!

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I actually just ordered a bunch of stuff from that seller. Trying to expand my famicom collection

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