For Sale: Backlit/Biverted Game Boy Original DMG

Tried selling it on eBay, but no luck. Since got a perfect condition one so selling this.

The casing and buttons are in fantastic condition, but the backlight has a slight amount of dust. Nothing major. Still perfectly playable. Glass screen lens.

£60, free postage in the UK. £70 for postage outside of the UK.

Let me know!

. >:c

Literally just paid $130 for one.

Yeah, but you paid for a daveboy.

I’m selling this console because I bought a daveboy.

What’s the difference?

Well back to being happy with my purchase. Sorry bout ruining your thread. Delete mine and your posts imo.

Haha actually, I think I’ve changed my mind. I’m keeping both consoles. This one has a load of dust in the screen and slight screen cancer…the one from Dave is of course perfect. I’ll keep this one as my take-out Gameboy for use outside of home.

Thread can be closed!

Consider it done !