RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!

One of the things I enjoy most about our community is the pick ups and the swag!

I want to see it all. Let’s see the Snatcher you overpayed for on EBay or the GCN component cables you claimed to find at a thrift store for $1.

Depending on the popularity I may create new pick up threads separated by month. Right now I’ll stick to seasons.

The only rule is you must post REAL pictures. Let’s get this party started.

I’ve been searching for Shining Force for a long time. Im glad to finally have this in my collection!

I’m a huge sucker for game guides. There’s something about sitting down with a game, a big thick guide and a juice box that just makes me feel like a kid again. Its not in the greatest shape but the price was right!


Thumbs up for a much needed and welcome thread. ^_-

Picked up a JP cart of Yoshi’s Island (Yossy Island :grinning:). Tore off the tabs inside my SNES to start playing it. My intent is to attempt speedrunning the game and the JP has less text/help boxes within the levels.

I will probably pull the trigger on a copy with the box at a later date. I love how inexpensive Super Famicom games are!

I’ve had some really good luck with N64 games recently!

From an everything recycle shop:

Already had a Kirby cart, but couldn’t resist that box art.

And from Hard-Off!

Paper Mario goes for stupid amounts outside of Japan but this copy is pristine and only cost 1200 yen!

There’s something so cool about seeing an import Shadows of the Empire box

OSSC 1.5. I got it from a user on Gaf before the fall.

PCE Duo I got on a PCE facebook group from a guy out of Japan. I am about to send it in to get the RGB Mod.

This is a Scart to Component Transcoder that a guy on the Shump! forums makes. I am working on a review for this device for my Youtube channel.


A JP Sega Saturn, took forever through customs, but finally it’s mine! Seller bundled in four free games too!!


Works a treat, really liking it!


My Sony PVM 14M2U showed up today. Placed it on top of my 1342Q just for comparison (it’s not going to stay there!)

First thing I noticed is the CRT whine isn’t NEARLY as noticeable on the 14M2U (YAYY!!). This could be because it’s about 8 years newer than my 1342Q.

From my measurements it looks like they both measure 13" though? I figured the 14M2U should measure 14"… unless I’m somehow screwing up my measurements (ie: maybe the frame is throwing me off) They’re so close in size.

Either way I’m really excited to play some Yoshi’s Island on it this weekend (after a beer filled night of Mario Odyssey tonight)


I believe the 13"/14" are the same as the 19"/20" in that they didn’t actually get larger. I think it was more marketing at the time than an actual change. At that’s what I recall, could be wrong.

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Yes this is my thought as well. Not a huge deal in the least for what I was expecting. My big breath of fresh air is the high pitch noise not being as noticeable :smiley:

Good god that is in fantastic condition. Is that brand new?

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Picked these up earlier this month. Patiently waited to get a boxed copy of Chrono Trigger since 2014 at a price I wanted. Patience is a virtue after all.


Nice pickups Chalmers! However one of those games is not like the other… :wink:

Haha, Stunt Racer FX is a one of a kind…mess. it’s got it’s charm I guess :slight_smile:

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No, but it seems incredible well kept. The Japanese are immaculate at keeping things in good condition!

Oh definitely. I trust 2nd hand goods from Japan as if they were new. They’re so well taken care of. My Famicom AV and white Sega Saturn are used and they look brand new.

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Nice SNES pickups. I have the Japanese version Wild Trax.

I’ve been getting work done on my Genesis collection in the last month or so.


Got one of these from RetroUSB:

A better wireless controller than the 8bitdo in my opinion.

I bought that to go along with one of these:

Super excited to play some NES games this weekend.

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Can I ask a stupid question? I see a lot of people in retro gaf have these type of displays over a normal CRT tv. What is the benefit/rational for these smaller displays vs. a decent CRT?