RGB High Score Battle! - Week 35 & 36: Sonic The Hedgehog II

Site is updated! Here’s our current week details:

WEEK 35 & 36
Game: Sonic The Hedgehog II
Platform(s): Genesis
Challenge Type: Speedrun
Game Details: Emerald Hill Zone, Act 1
When: Apr 27th - May 10th, 2020
Chosen By: Shinjiri

I’ve updated the website with the new game, let’s get sprinting!

Good luck everyone, please submit your scores via screenshot or video by replying directly to this post!


  1. Competitions last two weeks, close on Sunday night @ midnight.
  2. Post screenshots in this thread as proof.
  3. The winner from the previous week chooses the next game to play.
  4. You cannot choose twice in a row. 2nd place will choose if someone wins two weeks in a row.
  5. If there’s a tie, the person that submitted the high score first gets to choose.
  6. Games must be high score compatible (think “arcade style scores” like Pac-Man, or Spy Hunter, not Super Mario).
  7. Emulation is okay (MAME is often the best for high scores).
  8. No save state manipulation (pausing to take a break is fine though).
  9. Submit scores as soon as you get them! To keep the competition rolling and fair, do not hold on until the last moment to submit.

Points will be awarded for the entrants, based on the position finished for the week. This is to encourage wider participation, and the points will be posted each week as well as on the website.

1st: 10 points
2nd: 7 points
3rd: 5 points
4th: 3 points
5th: 2 points
Any honest attempt: 1 point

Overall, we should keep it simple. This is just a good time, not a crazy official high score competition! Game plays should ideally be short and fun so people that can’t invest hours into this can still compete. Obviously we are working on a trust based system here, so don’t ruin it for the others!

Here’s a simple website I made to keep track of the competition.

Sorry for the long wait on this one, guys. I’ve been very busy with other things lately. I will be able to keep up the 2 week updates now though.

23 seconds with 54600 score.

@raskulous Please change the picture to a Sonic 2 title screen.
What you have up is the Sonic 1 title screen which is confusing and it was chosen by Shinriji not Shinjiri.

Oh shit a game i’m good at

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Raised my game to 22seconds. Give up for now.

22 as well

Hit 21. Don’t think I’ll improve upon this.

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32 seconds for me. Need to keep practicing.


Hit 21 seconds as well and getting to 20seconds seems somewhat nigh on impossible…

46 rings collected on my awful route but edges out @Laevateinn very slightly.

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Originally posted on the Discord, but Suteneko reminded me of the thread here, so here’s my time:

Been trying Knuckles, but mostly get :22 and :23s (if only his glide used the momentum of your running speed…)

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Updated the image, and corrected Shinriji’s name throughout the site, thanks!

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It’s looking like we may have a tie in the game here, should I just keep all people that get the tied time as 1st place and distribute the points accordingly, or should I rank them on some other factor like rings or 1st submitted?

It was Shinriji idea to use ring count as a tie breaker but the problem there is that both me and RamuneIgasu have tied on both time and ring count.

I’ll be giving it a few more goes, but seriously doubt if I can break the current 21second barrier.

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Yeah ring count probably doesn’t work too well, as gathering more rings likely means changing routes, adding time.

We could leave everyone as #1, then each winner chooses a game for the next battle, and we vote on those?

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Think I give up trying to get under 21seconds.

The only possible time savings I can see is right at the start before hitting the Power Sneakers.

It’d be great if I can abuse a speed physics bug every time when 6 tap dashing and jumping off slopes as you can see me doing in the second jump below:

It really saves a good couple of seconds but I struggle to do a correct jump over the spikes to hit the Power Sneakers CRT due to the higher speed I am at and then all the bouncing cues I have muscle memory for are put out of whack.

Looks like this is going to end in a tie!

Those who want to vote for the next game, please put your suggestions here, and I’ll hold a poll tomorrow.

@Suteneko @Laevateinn @RamuneIgasu What games would you like to have a vote on?

I’m not super competitive but how about Streets of Rage 3 on hard 1 credit?

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Metal Slug 1 level 1 time trial

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I don’t think we’ve actually done a proper beat-em-up game, and you’re the only suggestion out of the winners.

I’ll put it up this weekend, thanks!