RGB High Score Battle! - Week 57 & 58: Daytona USA

ASS lol!

Done like a true teenager playing a Saturn in 1995!


Alright this thread gave me the motivation to fire up my new Saturn and give it a go. Thanks!

Bad news: my 3D controller doesn’t seem to work right, it wants to pull to the left with any sort of movement. I’ll have to take it apart and try to fix it I guess.

Good news: after a few runs with the normal controller, I’m starting to get the hang of it. The Saturn looks beautiful with RGB and it’s my first time ever playing one, so I’m super stoked. I’m ordering an ODE tomorrow lol.

Okay last run for the night… This game is awesome. Bringing back great arcade memories right now.

Check your position!


It’s obvious I’m gunning for 2nd here.

Keep at it! It gets harder as you get better, as you have to deal with some changing and really annoying cpu positions on the corners. Once you get consistent though you’ll know where to be to avoid them!

Jesus Christ @androgyne

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Times updated on the website.

Well, I ground this out over the last hour of my night, and just got a run together. Nowhere near @androgyne though. What game do you want to play next?

That’s still a good run! Being that there’s 8 laps, just a small difference on each can make for a big difference by the end.

Next game I would like to be Metroid Prime Pinball on DS! Single Mission Tallon Overworld, on Normal difficulty (check options to make sure Expert isn’t on - probably isn’t since it needs to be unlocked).

I will compete with fresh scores but I want to post my old best score as a target to aim for! Also my whole scoreboard so you guys will know new scores from old. This was from a time when GAF had a thread for it, by the time I got 19 million, noone was playing anymore. Hopefully someone can crack the mythical 20 million barrier :smiley:

Sounds great, I’ll set it up today. For those without a DS, this can also be emulated quite easily.

I just realized, it’s not only your first win, but your first time entering the battles!

Thanks for particpating… keep up that 100% win rate, you gamer!