RGB High Score Battle! - Week 9 & 10: Balloon Fight


Okay sounds good, we’ll run it for the remainder of the week.

Seems like 2 week intervals for the summer would be better.


Como estan bitches, eReader in the house! :wink:


Really like the look of those cards for some reason. I wonder how well one of these e-readers would work with a GC gameboy player.


It’s a lower resolution than 240p. Every couple rows of pixels are removed to get it to fit a GBA screen. That’s why the sprites look different/squashed. There’s actual parts of the image missing.

You can see it on the score at the top of the screen, the very bottom row of pixels of the numbers isn’t there.


Holy shit! Is that a MadCatz eReader BAG?!


The eReader plugs right into the GC Game Boy Player.


Found a bit of time to give this a few more attempts when my Broadband went offline for a few hours last night. This score should have been a bit higher as had one life still remaining but re-spawned right on top of one of those thunder bolts that bounces around the screen and died again immediately.


Damn, you’re killing it.


Seem to be improving every play, which makes me want to attempt to get to the next 100,000 score bracket each time.

Had another fairly decent run where I lost my first life at 290,000 on phase 18:


The bonus rounds cap the Super Bonus at 30,000 points once you get to phase 20 and here is my score at the end of phase 24 (4/6 Super Bonus obtained):

I reached phase 27 with just one balloon left and in my rush to complete it to get the second balloon restored in the upcoming bonus stage made a silly mistake and died at a 578,200 score:


Finally lost my last life on Phase 31 after rebounding off the last enemy into a thunder bolt.

TOP: 658,200

So can I manage 7xx,xxx?


Dann, nice score.


Do the phases loop?


They do loop after a while. Offhand couldn’t say from which phase they loop at but they repeat in the exact order for sure.


Had one of those “sit down for one attempt and break your hi score” kind of plays today.


Looks like Suteneko is our winner for this week!

What game is next, Suteneko?


I want to say Duck Hunt but not exactly the most easiest for everyone to join in if they don’t have the hardware so how about Puzzle Bobble/Bust a Move (MVS)?


Okay sounds good, I’ll update the site tomorrow!

Are there other ports that score exactly like the MVS version, or do we have to stick to that?


The original Taito B System arcade version was identical apart from only having mono sound apparently.

Apart from that I can’t really comment too much about the various console ports but the SNES version seems to be a solid and faithful port.


Okay, I’ll add those three as the systems to play on, thanks.


I have the SNES cartridge (Bust-A-Move)! I’ll see if I can’t compare them in the next two weeks. I was lame with Balloon Fight. Just ran out of time.