RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!

I agree. So damn cool looking.

Slightly different for this thread, but I picked up a new beer from Analog Brewery in Edmonton:

Star Hops 64, Double IPA!


Do a barrel roll!

On second thought, maybe that’s not a good idea after a double IPA.

I really should drive over and pick up a bunch of their stuff.

Jealous. It’s amazing how good the hardware still looks today, definitely still top shelf.

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Picked up some more Game Boy games - Solar Striker was inspired by this excellent thread (Rec me Game Boy action games!), including a much loved boxed copy of Adventure of Mana.

Speaking of Mana, it seems like I happened across another launch copy. Battery on the board is date-stamped July 1991, so it was probably manufactured for the launch window of the game. Saves are still there!

I need to get Dracula Densetsu 2 at some point. Is there a specific version to look out for? It seems there’s a change to a weapon in the North American release of Castlevania Adventure 2, and there was a Konami GB Classics rerelease I think?


The best find in the wild for me in a long while, a near CIB original DMG. For $4.99 at a Goodwill of all places. Far as I can tell, the only thing missing is the manual and ac adapter. The headphones and link cable look completely unused. The unit is in really great shape, except for the bit of soiling you can see there. I already cleaned it up, almost shocked how good the condition is, and works like a champ.

It’s a find like this that vindicates all the countless visits to thrift shops and garage sales that I just never seem to find anything at.


Fantastic find!

Whoa that cleaned up really well! Nice get. The box is excellent.

Wow, it’s great to see a unit that’s clearly been well looked after in the past!

Got Yoshi’s Crafted World which I had on reserve with a local mom and pop game/movie store which sells their initial batches of new retail games for $49.99. Then I find out I also had $10 of in store credit accrued which I didn’t know about so ended up only paying $39.99 plus tax for a new copy of the game!


Also got a 6 foot Dreamcast Controller extension cable for only about $5 off eBay which is perfect since I recently started diving back into my DC collection:



Yeah, the box has almost no damage. Only one of the opening flaps is a bit dog-eared.

While taking apart and cleaning it, it looks as if the Tetris cartridge was inserted and then never removed, as if this was just someone’s personal Tetris machine. There is only slight wear on the top portion of the cart, and the contacts are immaculate. The cartridge slot on the GB looks new.

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It wouldn’t surprise me at all. Likely an indication that it was adult owned, with the nice box being another clue.

Thought finds like that only happened in my dreams. And even then the dream revolves around someone else getting to it first/something messing up.

A few recent pickups. The Kuon box art is custom Photo%20Mar%2029%2C%2010%2046%2023%20PM


Picked up the physical copy of the Kunio Kun collection.
18 games, most of which feature some nice QOL improvements such as removing sprite flicker, which makes Super Dodge Ball actually playable to me. Very happy with this release and looking forward to multiplayer matches.

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What the…

NES/Famicom Classic UI almost verbatim?
And it includes Double Dragon games?

Yeah, they must have used the nes classic as a base. Having the Double Dragon games is a nice bonus.

How is the emulation?