RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


Sold a SNES on ebay last week, buyer received it like this, smh.

So…I have a broken SNES on the way, thanks USPS! It was insured so I may look into that. I’ve never had to make a claim with USPS.


Daaaamn. Looks to be well packed too. Am I wrong in thinking that maybe as the systems yellow the material becomes more brittle? Or is that unrelated?


They definitely do become brittle. That’s why you see so many yellowed systems with broken corners.


Like mine :frowning:


And mine.


Not a big deal to most of you guys, but I started my arduous picture quality journey today!

First console hooked up via SCART (through a Shinybow SB-2840).


We all started somewhere. I made the journey into the RGB rabbit hole only 3 or so years ago myself. It’s crazy how much I’ve learned in such a short time and how into this hobby I am.

Setting up the consoles and figuring out how to optimize my space for them is in some ways as fun as actually playing them.


Yup for sure… Setting a room up, cleaning your games, systems & controllers. It’s all satisfying and fun in its own way.


I love removing marker, stickers and other gunk on carts and boxes. Very satisfying bringing something back to its true form, after being forgotten neglected for so many years. Who ends up with my games is going to be one lucky S.O.B


So you put all the stickers back on for 'em?


The end labels are vinyl, not paper, so they are removable.


Reading these last few posts makes me wonder what all you guys use for cleaning/removing marker/etc. I have never given my collection that sort of treatment, mainly because a lot of what I own was purchased new, but I do have things that could use clean up.

What sorts of things do you do? How far do you go?


Dry erase marker is pretty good at cleaning up permanent marker.


Isopropyl alcohol is better.


Awww yeah


Check this out:


I already have that, I’ve traded up :wink:


Saturn is the best pad hands down. I’d love a saturn- Megadrive adapter


Should have known it :slight_smile: I want a saturn adapter too, but this and my neo geo pads will have to work for now.


Hell yes.

I want a Saturn to almost everything adapter. Or even better a bluetooth Saturn pad with receivers for everything. SNES pad still wins for platformers (more precise movement games, and the diamond layout does work better for games where you typically hold buttons down a lot), but having Saturn available everywhere for fighters and shmups would be awesome.