RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


Picked up myself a copy of Warsong for the Genesis yesterday. Happy to finally play it, but that’s probably it for me on spending until mid-april. Gotta sell some stuff and save up for Midwest Gaming Classic.


That Half-life big box brings back some memories for me :slight_smile: Now I want to install Counter-Strike, Day of Defeat, and Sven Co-op!


Wow, DoD. That brings back the college feels. Avalanche, 56.6k modem, let’s do this!


Happy birthday!


Grabbed a few more master system games today.

They weren’t super cheap or anything, but at least they were better than market pricing. Wonder boy is in amazing condition… It’s like brand new!


Got my MVS MV1C today! It’s in fantastic condition. Not bad for £40.

So much smaller than my MV1FS. Gonna be fun turning it into a console!

Also, as promised, some decent photos of my new backlit GBA build with Bennvenns voltage regulator. @kawika it’s set to the highest brightness as default as it’s supplying the correct/max voltage the screen is rated for. But it’s doing so in a very efficient way - battery life is definitely better, and there’s no odd switching between red and green led lights as the draw is consistent.


Sega Saturn (JP), OSSC, and these games: Drift King '97, Necronomicon, Sakura Wars Columns, Tetris S.


God damn that GBA is pretty.


I love this thread :slight_smile:

Here’s some new stuff of mine:

A brand new Dreamcast controller and VMU. I always thought I had four controllers but I was actually missing the fourth. I’m happy there’s still new stock of this stuff.

Enemy Zero in great condition, only missing the cardboard box.

It really looks amazing!


Yep! I’ve been looking for a decent midnight blue one for a while, and when this came up for £15 I couldn’t resist.The sides were a bit worn, so I replaced those with third party transparent blue ones which match perfectly. The rest of the buttons I kept stock.

Feels so much better than a third party shell - I always thought they were flimsy. I’m also pretty impressed with the voltage regulator. Used some AA batteries I had kicking around for a while and its a world of a difference between this and my other build!


This is with rechargeables right?


Yep. Eneloops.


If only I could decide on a color then it would make me in more of a rush to get one of my own. Defiantly want an official shell, not a third party one. Dealt with that stuff for other systems and have never been happy with the outcome.


Great! Been waiting for those voltage regulators to come back in stock but haven’t received any notifications yet…

I also use a Midnight Blue as my main GBA, so we’re like… Backlit Siblings now or something :wink:


If you ever get the time and inclination, I’d be interested in what the runtime turns out to be. I did a test with my AGS-101 GBA a while ago with Eneloop pros and got ~16 hrs out of it. But the red/green flicker of the LED is rather irritating and I’d love to do something to fix it.


Not retro, but I picked up a couple Xbox games today. Recore has a good pedigree, and I’ve heard good things about the free “Definitive Edition” upgrade. And A Way Out is really cool because the whole thing is playable only in split screen co-op, and you can play with a friend online with only one copy of the game! Going to play it with my buddy next weekend as both our significant others are out of town.


Pickups for this week

Ni no Kuni II is an old school jrpg wrapped in some pretty colors. Being on a retro video game board you will not hear any complaints out of me about the lack of voice acting. I like the combat and the base building so far (I’ve been doing it for about 2 hours now (out of 12 hrs. game time)) and the story is fine so far. I find the side quests to recruit people annoying because, so far, it’s been the same routine “OH MY GOD YOU’RE THE KING I’D LOVE TO JOIN YOUR KINGDOM. IT’S A LIFE LONG DREAM, but I’m not going anywhere until you get me some green string.” I mean at some point someone has to say “sure I’ll join you” and then that’s it they just join you. Besides that I see myself putting a lot of time into this over the next couple weeks.


Not retro, but it’s from a long time developer.

From last Monday, shortly after 9:00 PM Pacific.


Love that controller, and good pairing of game to drink (though I prefer Capt Morgan to Sailor Jerry).

My Super SD System 3 came in! I had an hour and a half to play with it last night and came away super impressed. I’ll be making a thread later today specifically about how awesome the device is.


Yeah, impressions seem to be pretty good. I ordered one last week, but that places me way, way, way back in the queue. Sounds like I shouldn’t expect to see it until May at the earliest.