RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


You may be able to help me - it seems the Mega Drive adapter has punch and kick on the opposite buttons I would like? As in kick buttons on XYZ?

Maybe I have some setting screwed up…


It’s been a very busy month.

I had some very nice co workers drop off some PC games they no longer wanted.

I picked up a Wii U:

A couple of games arrived:

My dental cleaning equipment finally arrived. For $30 shipped it was a great deal. I’m getting close to having every console I want now.


I love seeing PC games being picked up👌 CnC Renegade was much better than it should’ve been and that soundtrack is fantastic.


I will check this when i get home from work!


30 bucks shipped for a Jaguar is a great deal!


Thanks! I also found Unreal Tournament GOTY and Red Alert 2 for .50 each at Goodwill last week. It’s been ages since I played Renegade and I’m looking forward to playing it and Mechwarrior 4. There’s Baldur’s Gate II and expansion inside the stack of discs along with the Halflife Collection and Diablo 2. So many great titles.


Thanks! Also thanks for the recommendation on the correct SCART cable for it. I still need to track down a game and controller for it.


You done good. Grab Wonderful 101 and Pikmin 3 while you’re at it.


Also Starfox Zero, for a game that can’t really be done the same way on other systems. People hated on it. Those people are wrong.


It’s a mix of good and bad. Those copter sections aren’t too hot. But it’s a decent game overall.


My husband surprised me with this today, apparently tipped off by a listing someone linked on ResetEra. Seems it was an incredibly good deal considering everything that was included. I never thought I’d get my hands on one of these.


Congrats. One of the things I didn’t follow closely enough and just assumed they would keep making. Now I sure feel foolish. :c


Congrats! I love my NT Mini. It’s a solid piece of hardware. Having separate analogue and digital outputs is really convenient. No need to constantly switch cables. Not to mention all the additional cores and other features.



NICE! Those controllers are quite rare too are they not?

Well… That NT mini sure shot up in price!


Got all these in a B2G1 sale at the local place today. Had just a bit of credit from a trade in, too. They came out to $3 each. Several of these were brought to my attention via Game Boy Works. Got Bad n Rad on @D.Lo’s recommendation here.


Mole Mania is so awesome. Miyamoto!


Great pickup of Game Boy games! And yeah, Jeremy Parish is often referencing Heiankyo Alien in his videos and podcasts. :slight_smile:


Been meaning to post my latest retro pick up.

VGA box included if you didn’t notice it.

Had some cleaning to do

Much better


Ha I just watched the movie ‘Thrashin’ and it clearly heavily influenced Bad N Rad too. Even the cover skater looks like Josh Brolin!


Nice! Aren’t those ascii pads super expensive? always wanted the black and yellow version but couldn’t really justify picking one up since DC has one of the GOAT arcade stick options.