RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!




Currently working on cleaning up the console and controllers. Games are in good shape.


Oooooh, thanks for the link. I hate working designs “improvements” but like the games they translated, so this is a boon.


did the super famicom not come with AV cables packed in like the SNES?


Impulse buy:


According to this, it looks like it only came with an RF adapter:

However, the A/V cables in my picture actually say they’re for N64. I’m sure they’re the same as those sold for the SFC though.


AFAIK Super Famicom was sold with the console and two controllers and that’s it. No cables.


YES! Best impulse buy ever!!!


Pickups from the past few weeks

& finally managed to get an AGS101


The OG Purple one. Beautiful stuff. Great selection of games too.


Ah, R-Type DX, that is a nice pick-up! That was the first and only GBC game I ever owned.


I never realised until I played it that it also includes the first 2 R Type games from the original GB as well as the color version


What game is that in the middle


It’s Super Nazo Puyo: Rulue no Roux


SGB2 for scale

Mom said she wants to build it with me. LET’S GOOOOOOO.


Holy shit, imma get that.


This may be the most non-apathetic apathetic post I’ve seeeeeeen. Voltron hype is real. GET IT.


Another impulse buy. Is it a pattern already?

There aren’t many English copies, as the game was translated to most European languages, which is quite uncommon for a 1991 game! Still cheaper than importing from the US though.


That’s a nice clean cart, great pick up :slight_smile: