RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


Got some PS2 games, pretty excited to finally play “Born from a wish” from Silent Hill 2.


This is why you should be helpful in thrift stores. The lady working there saved this bundle behind the counter for me. Only paid $20.


Wavebird envy :heart_eyes:.


How much were the fight sticks?


$85 with tax and shipping each.


I’ve never owned a wave bird. I’m peanut butter and jealous


Not one but two wavebirds!! Nice!!!


You should totally get at least one. I have two and almost bought two more at the garage sale I went to on the weekend until the lady apologized and said they belonged to her brother and it was a mistake they were brought out. :frowning:


To get so high only to crash so low. Hope you’re okay!



I’m jealous. I have the Working Designs PS1 English version. Still a phenomenal game, but they made some dumb changes to it.


Unfortunately the guy who was doing all the patches that undo all of Working Designs questionable game balance changes hasn’t done one for Silhouette Mirage.



Maybe WD fucked it up beyond repair.


Forgot I ordered this.

Also got a pretty good deal for a guncom, Elemental Gearbolt and Biohazard Survivor. Can’t wait for it to get in.


I feel like fixing stats in an RPG are different than what WD did to Silhoutte Mirage - fundamental changes to the controls/gameplay.


All the negative changes WD made to Silhouette Mirage are essentially stat based in nature and completely in line with the changes they made to most games, just check the patch notes in the above romhacking thread to see what I mean. Items cost too much, enemy’s attacks inflict too much damage and the players attacks drain the spirit gauge, change those and the game is properly balanced again.


btw that saturn SM has a crazy debug mode which I feel really shows the sprite scaling power of the saturn. It could make the graphics glitch and even crash the game as if there is almost no limit to scaling of the game!


Silhouette Mirage is something I really need to get for Saturn sometime. That copy you get @Sapiens looks pristine!


It is very very nice. I was patient on this one waiting for what looked like the perfect copy - and got if for under 90 Canadian total. I’ve been waiting to play this game for YEARRRSSS.


Nice!! Congrats. Always a delightful feeling when you patiently wait to get a title in excellent condition at a price you’re setlled on :smiley: