RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


Mostly been picking up arcade hardware this year but bought a few console games over the past week:

Mercs is complete and was bought from CEX for £6.

The NTSC/U SNES games were from UK sellers and apart from Secret of Mana (which was a separate purchase) were bought in a very cheap lot. To be honest the lot was bought solely for Donkey Kong Country 2. I already owned “The Magical Quest” but the rear housing of the cart I already had was in bad condition so considering it as a “free” upgrade.

Sadly DKC2 was not working but after a little bit of repair work I’ve fixed it! Thinking I’ll start up a repair log thread or something with it.

I used to own Secret of Mana (PAL) a long time ago complete but for some reason when I sold it I forgot to include the map poster, which I still have today!


This one was bought a few months ago, but I only got around to repatriate it recently.

I love boxes full of things. Floppies neatly ordered into a game disk, user disk, and scenario discs, a few leaflets, and a massive manual (116 pages!) expanding the lore and explaining the gameplay while listing every action you can do and magic you can use on every enemy. I miss books that came with games.


I’ve had a busy summer! I have to admit, i hadn’t been keeping track of everything until i gathered them for this pic.


Nice NES. Always wanted that model.


Top Loader NES/Famicom AV is such a great model. Dog-bone controller…eh, not so such but thank goodness you can use old NES controllers.


My nostalgia will always be attached to the original. Still sucks that the top loader doesn’t even have the Nintendo av plug like the AV Famicom.

Really think the form factor “fits” the Fami more, what with the smaller cartridges.


So many great games in that picture. Congrats!


Agree with everything you said. My thoughts exactly.


Aqua Vita w/ accessories. Already purchased and loaded best game ever. Purchase redeemed.


Thrifted this Exidy Sorcerer today - it’s quite clean and older than me!

I have no real interest in vintage computing besides cool and interesting hardware, but I’m gonna have to sell this fella after seeing a few sold listings on ebay.


Cool! I’ve never heard of those, but man they are pricey!

I’ve been collecting retro computer stuff lately, but mostly commodore stuff. I am tempted, but trying hard not to buy anything older than me because the games are just not appealing to me.

It seems my limit is around the VIC-20 and C64 era, because that’s what I grew up with.


Been busy, but finally got around to finishing cleaning all the games I got in Japan a couple weeks ago. Which means it’s time to buy more stuff on ebay:

Also recently picked up a repro / translated cart of Tengai Makyou Zero cause I really wanted to play it on real hardware:


Since Shenmue 3 is around the corner and my Dreamcast is working again, I bought the VF3tb launch version with the project Berkeley extra disk.

Kinda surprised that both disk are mint, with obi and all the extras.


Still waiting on my guncon to arrive so I can’t play it yet.

Also picked up a second vita


I’ve only scratched the surface so far, but already I can tell this is a really special game. It’s my first introduction to the series.


Bought a few nice items over the last month. Some retro and some modern plus something that wasn’t cheap at all.


finally expanding my n64 collection.


World Driver Championship is kick ass.


Special in what way? :slight_smile:

Love me some Japanese baseball so I am genuinely curious. Also, how’s the language barrier?


Wheel of Fortune (as well as Jeopardy!) on N64 never came out on PAL. Jeopardy I get but always wondered why there wasn’t a Wheel of Fortune one given that there was a UK version of the Game Show. Would’ve made hella bank!*