RGB Plays - April 2018: Super Mario World 2 - Yoshi's Island


Went with my NES bias and voted for Batman. I actually don’t own it, so this would be a nice push for me do so. Added a few copies to my watch list. Same with Turtles. I have a copy of Yoshi’s Island already.

Haven’t participated in one of these yet, so I hope to be able to do it this time! Busy time of year for me at work and home.


Alright gents, it looks as if we have a winner…

Yoshi’s Island is the victor! I’ll update the main post. Is everyone cool with Batman NES, the second place winner, as being the game for May? Or would you want a new poll in a few weeks?


I’ll be playing the SNES version with the original yoshi grunts. The rereleases with modern high pitched yoshi annoy me.


Is Yoshi’s Island GBA good enough?

imo having like a month between knowing what’s up and playing it is good, but it does take some willpower not to start early when you already have the game haha

So yeah, start the June poll in like the last week of April, which will be very soon, and keep Batman as May.



Nice! I have never played through Yoshi’s Island, but I did recently start it.

I think I’m only at 1-3 or so.


YAY! I’m so excited to get into yoshis island with the new sd2snes update!

I’ve always wanted to play batman on nes so that works out great as well!


My brain appreciates the idea of 2nd place being the next month’s game, but my heart finds that to be a little boring and would prefer to have a fresh vote each go.

I’m going to try and 100% Yoshi’s Island this month.


It’s only a one time thing, so we can be a month ahead with our selection.


I really don’t like when they do that, add in the newer “voice” sounds to rereleases. Same thing happened with the Link to the Past one too iirc.


Is this now the game thread?


Looking foward to this. My plan is to play it on the SNES Classic unless anyone has experience with the emulation of that game being off.


theres a small, non gamebreaking, issue in the touch fuzzy get dizzy level. Otherwise I’ve heard it’s a great way to play it!


Happy about Yoshi’s Island. Fine with Batman for next month. Agree with setting this up to be a month out. Let’s play!!


Not going to play Yoshis Island, but really looking forward to Batman, that game is awesome!


Oh shit it’s a collectathon. I’m not sure I want to play that.


Yeah its one of the worst collectathons ever, in the sense that there is way too much too collect. The game is good, but the heavy emphasis on collecting, meant i could never love it as much as many others do.


I think writing off the game as simply a collectathon is not totally fair. Retronauts did a great retrospective on it that is worth a listen:

Plus, a good article on how to best play it:


My problem is the big emphasis on the 100% score for each level, I know I will feel bad for not finishing a level with a 100 mark and that will weigh on my current playthrough as I’ll keep wondering if I’m not missing something as I’m browsing through the levels. I only played a couple of levels so far but this is weighing me down already.


I go through the same thing, but am also really really ocd. Why I almost have never replay Yoshi’s Island. Always thought I was alone in that with how much everyone seems to love the game. Not that it makes the game “bad”, just hard for me to play with how much I feel the need to collect everything instead of just playing through it.

I really think World 1 handled it the best and even dislike how modern Mario games do collectables. Making stages only tied to finding hidden exits with collectables there if you want to get them, but no big reason why you feel the need to.


Started Yoshi’s Island last night. I never played this back in the day and I’m playing the JPN SFC version. There is a learning curve, lol. I had to watch some youtube videos to see what the dialog boxes said.

I only played until the first castle. It took some getting used to but it’s fun. It hasn’t reached SMW yet but that’s a large ask for only a couple levels, and nostalgia.

I need to check out the new sd2snes firmware for Super FX games. In a couple hours of playing, that ‘no baby Mario crying’ hack needs to be in my life.