RGB Plays - April 2018: Super Mario World 2 - Yoshi's Island


Collectathons are a nightmare for “completionists” I can totally understand the hate. For me I’m happy playing and collecting what I find and progressing through. If I enjoyed the game enough I will replay it with a 100% goal in mind.


Yeah I think for me (as somewhat of a completionist myself), it’s best to play through the first time to get through the levels, finishing the game as you would play naturally. Then, go back and complete it with a fully developed skillset.


I always start of with the intention of going for a 100% playthrough with any game. But once I get about halfway and start missing a lot of collectibles, I just focus on finishing the game picking them up if they are accessible.


Yoshi’s Island has some of the best artwork on the SNES. I was pretty blown away the first time I saw it.


I think it says a lot about the game if I want to 100% it. I think Mario games ( 2d and 3d) are the only games I always feel compelled to “complete” and I always enjoy every minute of it. I’ve taken a break from odyssey though, there’s too many moons!


I’m the same way in that the score bugs me into wanting to get 100%, but I don’t really care because the game is such a joy to play for me that I’ll happily do it. It is rare for me to mind a game where I want to collect everything.


I need to get back to Odyssey. Yoshi is pretty easy and hard at the same time. Easy if you just rush through hard if you want to Max out your score. Does it matter if you get all 3 top scores in one run or can you go back and keep whatever your highest is on each of the 3 things it tracks?


Anyone with an Everdrive could tell me if Yoshi’s Island is PAL-optimised or region-locked?


Not sure an Everdrive would do the trick, considering the SuperFX2 chip that powers Yoshi’s Island. Maybe the SDSNES2 with the beta firmware?


I completely forgot about that small detail. Sorry about that.
Anyone with two real cartridges? Haha


If my memory serves correctly the PAL version is an odd combination of being unoptimised for 50hz but Yoshi’s movement speed is faster than the 60hz versions.


Sounds like a mess.

I’ve never encountered PAL-optimisation done right yet.


If you lack the cartridge, I have tried it in emulation and it appears to work fine.

No substitute for raw horsepower on a PC I guess!


This is what I’m currently doing, but I’d rather play it on my tv. I’m currently looking at consoles for sale, because I don’t even have that. I want a US console but I’ll try to sources my games locally whenever possible. But that means spending time researching wether the PAL cartridge is even worth it.

(And I’ll have to dig in my boxes to find my old retrode to transfer my current save, as I’m not sure I’ll want to start over)


I finally had time to dig into Yoshi’s island last night and I completed the first 2 levels. My very early impressions are that the game is gorgeous and the platforming is spot on. The egg mechanic is interesting, aquiring the eggs is fast and fluid but actually throwing them brings the action to a grinding halt. I’m sure i’ll get alot better at it as I play but right now I prefer the run and jump gameplay of SMW.

I’m looking forward to dedicating a large chunk of my Sunday to it.


You can definitely get good at running/throwing at the same time in a lot of situations. After a while it becomes second nature. Like you will not need to think about where the cursor will show up and just have it going sometimes in anticipation of needing to throw it.


I watched Trihex do a speedrun of it and it was INSANE


I’ve changed the egg throwing to hasty and it feels better in regards to the pace of the game.

I’ve just finished world 2-2, still playing in emulation while waiting for the SNES to arrive. I’ve located my Retrode so I should be able to transfer my save and continue on the real cartridge. Hopefully next week.

I’m trying not to get too fussed about not collecting everything, but man, when I see a flower or a lone coin, I just have to get it. Which means I often end up losing a life / progress stupidly because, well they are near a trap and I end up falling into it.


nice, I need to get off my ass and finish this on my snes classic. First playthrough ever.


Played a few levels today. It’s just as magical as I remember it. A true classic and looks otherworldly on my PVM.