Super Mario Odyssey |OT| - Honey, moons before the wedding.

Platform: Nintendo Switch
Release date: Today
Coolest feature shown so far: Mario’s nipples

Today marks a day that many of us have been anticipating for months… or even years. A brand new 3D Super Mario game releases today, and it looks unlike any other game out there. I’ll flesh out this OP later when I have time, but for now, let’s celebrate this new title and discuss it here.


Edit: this game is really weird. I like it a lot so far. It’s got a very laid back pace to it. (Does that suffice for fleshing out the OT?)

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@TheMoon was prepping his OT for here. Maybe you two can coordinate.

That said I was very dissapointed that I didn’t get a shipping notice from Amazon last night :frowning:

I checked me orders to see what was up and now I realize I forgot to even pre order it!!! DOH

I am going pick my copy up in less than an hour. I am pumped. My son has been counting down the days for over a month!

My copy got delivered, I’m excited to start it up later tonight.

I have a tiny amount of apprehension because the last “exploration” Mario I played was Galaxy, which I didn’t like all that much, but that was a decade ago and all the footage of this looks so good.

I think having it on the go will help me deal with all the exploring in short bursts.

Might buy a Switch tomorrow, there’s a deal that would effectively mean appx $100 of the retail price in Canada. If so, I’ll join in!

I was watching small amounts yesteday on Twitch (TriHex was already training for speedrunning the game. Going for 30 days straight of Mario Odyssey).

This evening my brother and a friend will be splitting on buying a case of beer and playing Mario Odyssey in to the night. Already let my wife know that’s what we’re doin’ tonight :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I went all-in this morning and picked up a SNES Classic at TRU and then headed over to Gamestop to snag a Mario Odyssey Switch bundle (TGF WFH)…

Needless to say, this is going to be an awesome weekend!

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I’m not leaving the first world till I find every moon but already my brain is wrecked!


My copy was just delivered but I’ll have to hold off playing until tomorrow. Can’t wait!

Gah, already spoilers in here. Those screenshots are just gorgeous! I love how off the wall this game looks. Okay people… I’m out of here for now.

Second time in this thread today and I get that heart-racing-butterflies-in-my-stomach feeling each time… I can’t wait till tonight.

Really enjoying this but don’t want to spoil too much right now!

I just played the intro. This is definitely the weirdest MARIO game ever. But I really like it (I think?)

The movement options and controls are incredible for sure though. No doubts about that even if they are a bit different than what I’m accustomed to

YESSSSSS. I forgot to pre order Odyssey but today is my birthday and my Wife surprised me with it when I got home ! Crisis AVERTED!

There is a photo mode too which I just found out about :o:

no worries, it’s fine. i was busy all day so this is actually a better solution :slight_smile:

Hey moon. I saw your OT on the other two sites. It was way better than mine!

I didn’t realize you’d still be willing to provide it to us. Sorry I should have asked.

Anyway… so uh… this game starts off kind of odd, but then gets pretty amazing very quickly. Once I really started exploring the dessert it all finally clicked with me. But it took longer than I expected for the click to happen. I finally “get” why all the critics were praising this game over the months.

I’m excited to dig in! That reminds me of sunshine. Sunshine took a while to click ( mostly due to the incredibly slow start) whereas 64 grabbed you right away

It’s got a very very different feel from Sunshine. It kind of has this very odd level design that is super loose and almost BotW-like 65% of the time, then really tight around 45% of the time. You have the find the tight parts. But once you get hooked, it draws you in a lot.