RGB Plays - March 2018: Aladdin (SNES/Genesis)


LOL that magic carpet section in the SNES version can suck it. Forcing you to play at the edge of the screen while you learn the pattern is horse shit!


It’s weird. I’ve watched some GDQ speedruns of Aladdin SNES, and every time that section comes up the runner and couch comment on how crazy hard it is…and I’m just like…Uhhhh I was beating that level as a little kid easy, and I’m mediocre at video games :confused:


Gotta agree with New002 here. My wife played SNES Aladdin way more than me as a kid, so when we sat down a couple years ago to play it, she was hyping up how hard the magic carpet stage was and how many times she died on it.

I beat the level on my first attempt.

To be fair, I think it’s all the practice I have with the Turbo Tunnel in Battletoads that allowed me to get past it so easily.


Played some on the Genesis today. Made it to the escape level before I ran out of continues. I didn’t realize that wishes=continues. Should have purchased more wishes.

So far, the animation is still great, but the gameplay isn’t as good as I remember.


I think my problem here is I just don’t care for the game so I have 0 desire to “git gud” at the stage.


Wait wait wait…

Don’t care for Aladdin but campaigned against Gauntlet Legends!?



Finished Aladdin on the Genesis last night. Overall, it’s still a great game. Apart from the escape level and the final boss, the game was relatively easy.

I think I prefer the Game Gear version, which does a way better job of retelling the story from the movie. Also, as @BlStinger mentioned, the GG one features Jasmine and the genie way more. Genesis did have that Genie stage though, which was pretty cool.

Now I need to track down a copy of Aladdin for the SNES.


Finished the game last weekend on SNES. It was actually really fun! Very short though… I think it took maybe 2 hours at most.

I didn’t have any issues with the flying section with the lava. I think it took 2-3 tries at most.