Sanyo CRT TV service menu

Does anyone have experience with Sanyo CRT TV’s

I acquired a 27" Sanyo CRT TV (chassis - G3Y27560, model AVM-2756) to run a SNES on.

There are some convergence issues at the corners that aren’t a big problem at the moment, but the vertical size is too tall causing clipping of the top and bottom of the image. I was hoping to see if I can adjust the vertical size in the service menu, however once I’ve accessed the service menu, I cannot change to any menu items with the up and down (channel) buttons. I can only change the value of the first menu item with the + and - volume buttons. Any ideas as to what I’m doing wrong?

Thank you.

And if this is the wrong forum for this sort of thing, are there any good tv repair/retro game tech forums that anyone can recommend?

If they’re anything like Sony service menus the options are controlled by the numbers on the remote not the navigation buttons, so for instance 1 and 4 might scroll through the options 0 will act as confirm and then there’s often two buttons that save to memory.

Unfortunately the only buttons that affect anything while in service mode are the volume + and -, menu which exits service menu, and power which turns the set off.

It’s interesting that I could not get into the service menu when the input “TV”, it didn’t work when the input was set to “Video” for the component inputs.

I think this is as good a place as any for this.

  • Are you using the original remote?
  • What does your service menu look like? Photos or video would help.

I found the service manual for a close model:

AVM-258G (G5G)

channel +/- change service number,
volume +/- to change value.
menu to exit

Some YouTube videos seem to confirm this.

An alternative, perhaps better description is in:

AVM-2751 (G7V)

But the process is the same.

Warning: Of course, note all values (take a video of you cycling through them all) before changing anything.

It that’s no good try this dedicated forum.

Thank you for looking up this info!

  1. I am using the original remote. It works as expected in the normal menu - channel up and down select different menu items

  2. This is the service menu that I get…IMG_1070

  3. The AVM-2751 manual is the closest I had been able to find.

I can find one other mention of your problem and they were also not able to move from SUBBRIGHT ADJUST
Double posted at

Aha! It’s spelled SUBBRIGHT, two Bs, not SUBRIGHT.

Lots more results. Hopeful.

Manuals showing SUBBRIGHT ADJUST indicate you’ll have to dial this in on the PCB.

Ha! Ya, I was misspelling that too, though I hadn’t specifically searched for that lone menu option yet.

Anyway, ya that’s a very similar issue on a slightly older set. I just hope that subbright is not the only adjustable service setting.

OH, good find! This is definitely a closer model… I’m a complete novice, but am interested in learning more. I see what you are saying about adjusting the vertical size on “VR501”. I assume that means variable resistor 501? or am I totally making stuff up? : )

I’ll have a closer look at the scematic later to see if I can make more sense of it. Hopefully there’s just a POT that I can adjust.

I should probably mention that as the TV warms up the vertical size does shrink down a bit but there is still some cropping. Would that be a sign of a capacitor or resistor going out?

Yeah I think it’s likely to be a potentiometer on the main board.

What you describe sounds like it works benefit from a recap and service by a precessional.

Agreed… I’m just hoping to make it a little more usable for now until I can have a professional look at it, or I learn enough to do a cap kit some time down the road.

Thanks for all your help! We’ll see what happens.

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