Satoru Iwata Book — Asks Interviews and More (Releasing State-side April 13th!)

I never thought this would happen — so much so that I made my own “Iwata Asks” eBook — but it seems at least some of the gold in the Iwata Asks interviews is heading to print! Japan-only right now.

It appears that the book will contain more gems from Iwata than just the Asks interviews, which is no bad thing!

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Here’s a link to the English version:

Oh man… I’d love to buy an English version! Iwata Asks were such a treat. (May he RIP)

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Me too. Let’s hope it happens at some point.

Thanks to @dubc

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And not to forget my tool to download the Iwata Asks interviews and convert them to EPUB

Just wanted to bump this. English version is up for preorder and will release April 13th.

I’ll go ahead and edit the thread title. Here’s the link:

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So it turns out this book is mostly a collection of magazine columns written by Iwata.

Not much content from the Iwata Asks interviews.

So, I’m going to do a proper printed book of all Iwata Asks content for my own personal use. My PMs are open.