Special Edition NES Mini coming to Japan

Welcome to the new approach to Virtual Console? More special editions and new lineups coming as Nintendo releases the second batch of NES minis this year?

Captain Tsubasa is a great game.

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It will sell out in microseconds and I will never get one :frowning:

Pretty sick! I don’t have a NES Mini but I do have the Famicom Mini and it’s so weird with the tiny controllers and super short cords!

That;s an interesting list. I want to play hokuto no ken!

I wish there were more Captain Tsubasa English translations for the SNES and future games.

I ended up ordering one of these, ugh.

Impulse buy lol.

I was able to stop myself from doing the same. Had it in my cart on amazon japan and kept refreshing all day till I saw it rise in price.

Now I’m going to regret it later when it’s found out that these have an improved emulator that doesn’t have the sound lag and supports more mappers.

I’m sure someone will dump it and then you’ll be able to flash over any NES/Famicom Mini you may already have using hackchi2 as I doubt there is any internal revisions made to the hardware.