Ah that’s just an oldie from my album. Since gotten that AV Fami modded for RGB… and also picked up a Hi-Def modded AV Fami.


Good stuff. I’m afarid I’m a RGB snob when it comes to older consoles.
Even in 1987 my master System ran via RGB.


Currently cutting down on game time in general as I’m preparing for a couple of big exams in the next month. Play the occasional old game here and there for a few minutes to unwind. Anyways, here’s a pic of Pocky and Rocky 2.


Playing the e-reader levels for the first time


Got around to building an RGB scart cable for my NT Mini yesterday! Shots taken of it on my JVC 1950whateveritwas


Love that soft, low res look.:heart_eyes:


Lurked in these threads forever, here are some old pics of various sets and games. Will add better ones in the future.

Space Adventure Cobra - Sega CD - JVC TM150CG

Super Metroid comparison or; A Tale of Two JVCs. First pic is JVC TM-A13SU (~350TVL), second is TM-150CG (~750TVL) the washed out colot in the second pic is my camera, not the set. Both have their charms.

Now some Rocket Knight, TMNT, and SoR3 on the PVM 1953Q:


That’s funny, I have both of those JVC CRTs. Couldn’t pass them up because they were cheap, brand new/like new, and both to one degree or another look different from the usual PVM/BVM screen.

I was recently playing Blazing Lazers and will later post screens of it running simultaneously on a BVM 20F1U and the JVC TM-A13SU.


Go for it! Everyone needs more TG-16 in their life!

I love the A13SU, it was my first non-consumer CRT and it hooked me. The lower lines make it a different beast from a PVM, like the epitome of what a consumer shadowmask should be. Just like you’ve said before, I’ve found it can handle some things–like busy pixel art, composite or N64–better than a higher-res monitor. Between it and the higher-grade shadowmask units, my JVCs are my favorite sets.

Now to find a 17-19" unit with an RGB input card…


Blazing Lazers. In each pair, top image is BVM-20F1U, bottom is JVC TM-A13SU. It really holds up well on both.


Well my PS1 is dying maybe, taking a lot of time to stream from disc. FMV plays fine without stuttering once it loads, maybe it can be fixed? Anyways some shots from early FFVIII


The image is looking nice and sharp on that JVC.


Quick, unplanned shots of the graffiti in Vendetta. Sorry about the glare.

Good thing Reagan got rid of all these dangerous punks.


I really like Vendetta the laughs outweighs the bad.

Dragon Force


RGB modded N64, JVC H1950CG CRT


Retropie running on a BVM1911


Do you have a VGA output in the pi or are you using the hdmi out? I am thinking about using retropi for an arcade with a vga output fitted over the pins and into a JPAC.

Does anyone know if there any more inherent lag in retropie compared to groovyMAME or something similar?


I’m using a hdmi-vga adapter @240p. I feel like there is a very slight delay but that could be the inherent lag that comes with usb. I’m able to hit 1 frame links without issue so if there is any delay I’m able to adapt to it without thinking. For reference I’m a fighting game junkie and I’m VERY sensitive to input lag


Awesome. I’ve got something called a VGA666 that just came in from China. I have to adjust the timings on the pie but it should come out to the set resolution on the arcade monitor.

Yeah I used to play a lot of fighting games, before I got old. I’ll try out some short frame links in ST once I get it working, but it’s good to hear I shouldn’t have anything to worry about.


Was just playing some old school Fatal Fury, captures Andy get his ass kicked as Terry eats ice cream and watches idly.