“It’s a shadow wraith, a hideous spectre, who eternally walks the line between life and death.”


Looks like a croissant


I see a heavy metal sea shell.


Xmen Vs SF - SS/OSSC


Some pics from the Omega Boost opening FMV. Looks decent, apparently not heavily compressed.


KOF’98 <3


Majora’s Mask through Retroarch Parallel N64 w/ Angrylion renderer


I’m playing Majora’s Mask on my PVM right now on real hardware. That filer is surprisingly real looking.

I’d love to see a screenshot from the frame buffer.


Angrylion is currently the most accurate N64 Emulation possible right now it’s about the only renderer that can properly emulate the blurry N64 VI filter and the dithering effects so that’s why it looks so close to the real deal, there is no filtering being done in post here.

At work now but when I get home I’ll definitely post a screenshot for comparison


Playing SMT3 on PS2 since they’ll never remake it. Game looks best on a CRT of course.


Playing a bit of Saturn to close out 2017. RGB on a 19" JVC BVM. Happy new year all, here’s to a great 2018!


Great shots! The Saturn looks so good over RGB.


Fuck that looks amazing. Can´t wait for my Saturn RGB cables to arrive from the UK, it´s taking foeverer, it´s been a month!


Posted some more OSSC perfect 5x scale (1920x1200) on my Sony 4K. This is so nuts how clear the image is.


NESRGB on Improved Palette: JVC TM-H1950C


That Kirby pic is perhaps the nicest I’ve seen NES on a CRT, just lovely. Here’s some Raiden II for PS1. Yet to pick up DX.


Silhouette Mirage - SS/RGB/OSSC


I recently started playing this one on PS1. It’s one of those good games so few people talk about. It’s exactly the type of magic you’d expect from Treasure.


It’s probably down to the learning curve and even after you’ve gotten the hang and beaten the game several times I find that coming back to it after a while I’ve forgotten how to play it. It is a blast to play once you’ve gotten the hang of things.

The saturn version has a crazy debug mode which really is a game changer. I don’t know if it’s present in the PS1 version although it can glitch the graphics and make the game crash.


Ah, composite color bleeding. Take it away :stuck_out_tongue: