Analogue & Retrousb FPGA Consoles OT

I debated a while when thinking about this OT whether or not we should have an Analogue NT, Super Analogue NT & Retrousb AVS specific topics. I thought for the limited amount of users we have this would be a good place to funnel all the information through. I am hoping this will be a good resource for users trying to figure out if its worth while, which cables we bought and of course if we loaded any of the jailbreak software or not.

So far we have 2 players in the FPGA game.

First things first, what is a FPGA and how is it different than official hardware and how is it different than software emulation


According to Wikipedia: A field-programmable gate array (FPGA) is an integrated circuit designed to be configured by a customer or a designer after manufacturing – hence “field-programmable”.

The short answer is FPGAs are designed to emulate the hardware in that the FPGA “becomes” the hardware you program it to be. It is still technically emulation but on the hardware level and it is the most accurate way to play games outside of the original hardware. Some say software emulation is actually more like simulation. Whatever you think the point is FPGA > Software emulation.

Another feature of FPGA consoles is that the consoles actually interact with the carts themselves. They don’t download a rom to the system cache. The hardware interacts with the cartridge just as your original hardware would.

Core: A core is what we would call an emulator. It is the system environment for the console you want to play. The NES core obviously plays nes and famicom games. The Analogue NT Mini supports other 8 bit cores and so far is the only one to do so on this list.

Retrousb AVS:


Basic sub $200 fpga hardware that plays games via hdmi out only in 720 resolution. Does not include a controller. It supports flash carts but not jailbroken firmware. You can’t play roms off a SD card. It has game genie software built in for cheat codes and also has leaderboards if you use your PC to power it via your usb. It also has a scanline feature if you are into that.

Analogue NT Mini

This will set you back $450-500 plus shipping. It can play games over HDMI in 480p, 720p, and 1080p. In 1080p you can set the console to scale 240p to 5x which crops the top and bottom just like your crt would. It also supports Composite, S-video, component and RGB (Composite Sync). It has a SD slot so you can back up your own games and even run games directly off the SD card if you use the jailbroken software that the fpga designer released for free.

Kevtris also loaded his own custom cores for the console so you can google that and play games directly off your SD card. Anyone looking to do that should google jailbroken analogue nt cores. (Not sure if we are going to link to this kind of thing here so I will let you guys figure it out).

Super Analogue NT

Recently Announced. Sub $200 with HDMI only. Comes in 4 colors. Made of plastic and only has HDMI output. Basically a Snes classic that allows you to use carts. Probably will have jailbroken firmware and will support your SD2SNES or Everdrive.

More info on this as it comes.

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This actually makes a lot of sense for a thread.

I would be all fucking in on the Super NT if it had 240p and SCART.

PVM20L5 RGB Composite Sync

GBC Core Shantae

HDMI 5X 4K Sony TV

I got my Mini and it’s glorious.

I’ve got a super NT on order. Looking forward to it.

Also definitely hoping kevtris releases a jailbreak firmware…

Great idea for a thread!

I wonder if kevtris will release any cfw since he works for analogue fulltime now

Thank you! Also, I wonder if its going to be a nod and a wink to the old CFW. Since now he is an employee wouldn’t it be so it might cause problems. He didn’t include any bios so maybe its not an issue but we shall see.

Yeah, that’s what I want. It’s only a matter of time now till some sort of device that does that is made though.

Analogue basically said they might do a premium version of this (which one assumes would have an analogue output). Thing is, we aren’t the majority and they can sell a ton of HDMI consoles for that price vs $450+. I still think they should make a plastic Analogue NT and see how cheap they can get it down. A more consumer friendly price. I have my RGB SNES and I am buying the HDMI NT because It is a pain in the ass to have a scaler and a console and all the cables necessary to connect it to my livingroom tv when a little box could let me enjoy my HDMI SNES in the family room.

Even if they arn’t the ones that do it I do think it is only a matter of time before some enthusiast puts out a FPGA box with other options. FPGA stuff is still “relatively” new and is pretty amazing for the retro stuff going forward.

My SNES died so the Super NT is a mightily tempting proposition for me (doubly so with the bundled “director’s cut” of Super Turrican). I don’t care about the lack of analogue video.

I have an AVS and love it. It’s a nice console
and it works really well. I’m probably my going to order the new snes nt

Legit, if someone came out with a FPGA box that played everything i cared about I would switch over in a heartbeat. I have a Genesis for maybe 6-7 games. Same with N64. Of all the cartridge based consoles I really, really only love the snes, nes and gba (I am cheating here because gb/gbc work with the gba). Every console I own has a few games that are great but it is not like I wouldn’t rather just downsize everything to something more convenient. Especially, if i could use my carts and rom carts.

There are newer consoles I love but with disc media and downloadable games it has me worried about those collections.

Also, I am trying to wrap my head around the way Kevtris’ copy nes works so I can rip my whole NES/Famicom library to my machine. Probably would just be easier to use my rom set.

I was able to dump the FDS BIOS using the CopyNES function. I’m glad I waited and bought the Analogue NT Mini instead of the AVS. Both really solid products, I just appreciate the premium feel and features.

RetroUSB still got my money for their wireless NES controller though.

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on a 4k screen i would have thought you are better off running a 3x integer with a 720p output? or is it because you are trying to avoid any black borders top and bottom with a shaper image?

Fantastic idea for a thread!

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Well it’s true integer scaling is better and i always played it in 720p on my other tv but 5x is actually 1200p and I can zoom out so I can all of that in screen. There is also input lag to factor in which is higher in 720p than it is in 1080p. All that said, I’d rather play it with lower input lag and if you noticed it was connected to my PVM so I just don’t really bother playing on the HDTV most of the time.

None of those output at 4K I imagine?

4K is the dream for me for every console. I don’t know how long it will take to get a scaler capable of doing 4K but I hope its soon.

Kevtris was asked this question about the Super NT and I believe he stated that 4K output would require a more powerful FPGA chip that would significantly drive up costs. 1080p integer scales neatly to 4K, and most 4K displays do a good job of lagless scaling up. I complained a lot in the past about how TVs upscale with filtering that blurs the image vs tack-sharp nearest neighbor… but now that I own a 4K set, it’s very minor blurring that’s hardly noticeable in practice. Note a few TVs (Panasonics?) have nearest neighbor upscale.

Regarding the OP, it’s missing the MiST FPGA and there’s a fork coming out called the MiSTer with a more powerful chip. I have the MiST and while it only does up to analog 480p and the cores aren’t all as good as the ones from Kevtris, it does have really good cores for many old gaming computers (C64, Amiga, Atari ST, ZX Spectrum, Apple II). Plus some solid consoles cores, including NES, Gameboy, Atari consoles, Colecovision, Sega Master System, PC Engine and an experimental Genesis core. A couple of off-screen pics I took a while back:


Is the RetroUSB AVS any easier to get hold of, at this stage, especially if someone wants to order/import one from Europe?