Some more Fatal Fury.


Bonk’s Revenge TG-16 OSSC/RGB


Point Blank - PS1: JVC TM-H1950CG


Super Mario Land 2 DX on the GBA modded with AGS-101 screen.


SoR2 on a BVM1911

The same shot from my OSSC via direct capture:

Scanlines @ 43%

Scanlines @ 18%

No Scanlines


Sunset Riders (SNES) on OSSC


Bury me with my… money.


Thought I’d grab some pictures of Linkle Liver Story on the Saturn.
The game was running via RGB in to the Framemeister to the TV at 720p with x2 scanlines on.

Next time I’ll use my real camera rather than the phone.


Splatterhouse 3 Framemeister

Taken with my iPhone 8


It’s good to see you are not using the ultra common Fairlight rip of this game :slight_smile:


I’ve had this for quite sometime. Is there any difference between the 2 versions, other than the name?




Not as far as I know ow. The only difference was the cracking group that released the rom added their name to the title screen.


Testing Saturn RGB with Fighters Megamix.


A bit of Nights for tonight.


Got some more shots of Super Mario Land 2 DX. Thought these came out great so I have quite a few to share.


Wow that looks amazing. That is just an AGS-101 screen? Still need to get one of those. Patiently waiting for Peagles to stop taking care of her child and get back to modding, amirite?


Yes, it’s a regular GBA modded with an AGS-101 screen.

If you want one sooner you could consider shopping around. Modded GBA prices have come down everywhere now that new AGS-101 screens are being made again as of last year. And that’s not to take anything away from Peagles (I read before her modded GBAs are nice). Buy one now and another from her later! I own multiple GBs and GBAs!


Na I’m in no rush, I’ve got a ton of stuff to play. Can wait for quality. Also I can’t even decide on what color case I would want anyway…


Translation of N64 Animal Forest!