A few minutes with my Saturn to keep my mind off an upcoming exam.


Panzer Dragoon Saga - Sega Saturn via RGB to a Framemeister (720p + scanlines)


Not the greatest shot. Strikers 1945 II eboot on PSP through composite out

What iOS app do people use to take good images of their screens?


I use one called Manual, it lets you set the thingy for 1/60 or whatever you need so you can take a clear shot.


I love playing with my thingy. Too bad I don’t have an iPhone :frowning:


I don’t really take great shots, but I’ve been using Camera+ for years now as you can manually adjusts settings like shutter speed and ISO among others, also has a pretty useful stabilizer.


I didn’t think they made composite cables for the PSP. I have the component cables. Is that what you meant?


They definitely made composite as well. Had one of each.



Yeah that’s what I saw when googled it.


Yeah, I’m surprised they did, I mainly knew about component cables for years until I found out about composite for the PSP a few years ago.


Those only work for the PSP-2000? I can’t seem to find one that has support for PSP-1000 on the box. Anyone tried it?


1000 model didn’t have video out. I remember a product came out (before the release of the 2000 model) that was literally a camera and hood that attached to the PSP to run video to a big screen. I’m sure in practice it looked horrendous, haha.


Yeah only 2000 & 3000. I never liked it for PSP games because the screen was so small. Psone games however looked really good.


First time posting here! Just heard today that the community migrated here. Recently picked up a Sony BVM-14F5U and hooked up my Model 2 Genesis with a Scart to BNC adapter from Really happy with how this is looking. Can’t wait to get more systems hooked up to it to try out.


These shots look great! Welcome to RGB :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks! Going to post more screens from this monitor and from my retro setup on my oled. Love this thread!


Looks awesome! If you ever find any way to move around that light in your game room this set would look extra crisp without all that glare. The other people ITT might have better tips though they are much better at photographing screens than I am! lol


Yeah, those were just some quick shots from the first time I got it all hooked up. It’s not even in my game room, just sitting on my workbench in the basement at the moment. I’ll get some better shots up here soon.


Took some more shots of my Model 2 Genesis on my Sony BVM-14F5U. All games are original carts other than Wily Wars which is a repro. Messed with the lighting a bit more to try to get some screens with less glare. I’m still far from a pro when it comes to taking these but I think these are a bit better than the last batch. I took these at different distances to try to capture both how the screen actually looks when you play it and the amount of detail that you can see.