More Macross goodness from the Super NT.



Going old school with this one. Props to Carol Shaw, one of the first female video game developers.


Sorry. I meant to ask what VGA to HDMI converter did you use for your Dreamcast?


Darius II looks pretty nice in full screen mode.


Oh right. It’s a none branded one but I can tell you that if there’s any lag I sure can’t notice it. You can see the whole Hdmi Dreamcast solution I built in this video.




Joining in with the Soukyugurentai love. TV output from PSP.

I also loaded up Ray Tracers. I always thought this was just a normal arcade racer. Didn’t know this was a spiritual successor to Chase HQ and that I’d be running tanks and helicopters off the road. There’s even a boss rush! Love the sharp polygons on display.


Ray Tracers is such a fun game just wish it was a bit longer.


Bit of RGB Saturn - Three Dirty Dwarves on the Olympus OEV 201

and close up for shadowmask pattern


Three Dirty Dwarves is so cool. A totally unique brawler then and now. Great soundtrack, too! SEGA Saturn is just loaded with oddball gems like that.


Timesplitters Future Perfect in Original Xbox Scart/Franemeister


Too true. Beat em ups are rarely a genre I enjoy too much, but the 3 dwarves really is a fun dynamic. The shotgun is pretty dang fun too!


Testing out the component to VGA converter I just recieved on my diamondtron


From my Atari SC1224 monitor, the title screen of the ST version of Elite.


Parodius Da PS1 looking good.


My Saturn finally arrived. I’m gonna play my way through this library chronologically (to an extent). First off, Sega Rally:

Bonus upskirt of Honey in Fighting Vipers 2:


Close up of my recent GBA AGB-001 with a fresh AGS-101 screen installed.


Love this thread. There’s not a lot of PC monitor representation, though, so I thought I’d share a shot I recently took for a thread over at ERA.

This is Ultima VII running on real hardware - Diamond Stealth 3D 2000 video card displayed on an NEC Multisync FP950 CRT.


Looks stunning. What resolution is that?