Here’s a shot of Megaman X on a PS2, through component video.

TV is a Sony KV-27FS320


It’s running in the original game resolution, 320x200.


Wow. Is that RGB?


No, actually the Saturn is running off s-video to a Trinitron. The Dreamcast is on composite. The Saturn does have a sharp output; can’t wait to throw some 2D sprites on.


Awesome, that’s making me rethink my decision to get component for Saturn. Do you use official cables or have any recommendation for good third party ones?


I’m using the RetroBit cables, which I’ve read people recommend against. The TV sees it as S-Video signal, but I haven’t compared it against the composite cables that came with my Saturn.

I’d suggest giving S-video a shot but I can’t recommend any specific cable, sorry!


Can’t imagine there’d be any significant advantage to S-video over component. I’d expect the opposite to be true, actually. Are you using the Retrovision model 2 Genesis/Saturn adapter cables?


Sorry, I don’t have them yet, I was looking to buy a Genesis cable and adapter for my Saturn. That’d be about $60 but s-video should be much cheaper. I have the Genesis cables already for my Genesis, but I’d need a second because cable swapping wouldn’t work in my setup.


Had a problem with the provided Scart cable of my CoreGrafx purchase. Got a replacement and gave it a spin now that it’s running without problems. This last(?) stage in Air Zonk kicked my ass. Need to git gud!


Looks sick! What monitor is that running on?


Sony BVM-20F1U. I like this monitor for games like this with big clean sprites utilizing solid blocks of color.


UltraHDMI on my HDTV. 1080p, simple scanlines, 1.0 gamma.


Neo Geo power on Bvm 20f1U


Mother 3 on N3DS screen

Virtua Cop on Trinitron via S-video


Wow! Well you sold me on the Bennvenn gba board and I think i am going to pull the trigger on the N64.


Was just playing RB2 on PS2, game looks gorgeous.


More Fatal Fury.


Got my 1-Chip SNES hooked up to my 14" BVM through BNC cables. Really happy with how this is looking!


I really need a 1-chip. My snes looks soft.


I need to do a vertical line fix for mine. Very noticeable on the BVM. I was very lucky and scored mine at random about 15 years ago.