This is a decent and pretty easy platformer that was one of the first games I got for my Genesis. Don’t hear much about it these days. The main issue I’d say the game has is it is as generic as it gets. I do like the almost PCE style graphics though.

Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster’s Hidden Treasure - Model 2 Genesis VA4 - Component


I loved this game as a kid! Never thought of it as generic or too easy either. It was my first time with a Genesis and one of my first games on the system, so I guess it holds a special place in my childhood.

I thought the Elmyra chase was damn tough but looking it up on Youtube now, it never occurred to me to stop and juke her! I died over and over until I ran thru it perfectly at full speed (at full run speed making a mistake causes Buster to slam/splat into a wall and gives Elmyra all the time to catch you for an instant loss).


I sure never thought it was easy when I played as a kid! I only played a few levels last night so I probably didn’t get a great idea of the overall difficulty. This is the first time I’ve dusted the cart off in probably 15+ years so I’ve got a very different idea of it now.


Assorted shots from my SFC Jr on my JVC 1950 CRT

The last one is the SD2SNES theme I put together using the web app for it.


Yoshi’s Island and Earthbound really do have beautiful sprite work.


Here’s one for you that introduces no noticeable lag.
Dreamcast running in HDMI via my own solution. DC to VGA cable to VGA to 1080p HDMI converter in to the Framemeister to the TV. And yes, no noticeable lag at all.


Kirby super star - SFC Jr, RGB modded, JVC 1950CG crt


How about some Layer Section?


Layer Section is the best. Love that game.

Some Mega Drive action here.


That’s gorgous. May I ask the Monitor/Connection?


Breaking in the new Mitsubishi PC CRT I just picked up


Sure but I think you’ll be surprised.
It’s a Mega Drive running to a Framemeister via RGB then going to a Toshiba Regza HD TV at 720p. If you have a nice flat panel TV and feed it the right signal it can look just as nice as a CRT.


Can’t get over how sweet Soukyugurentai looks on CRT, <3


The Analogue Super NT with standard scanlines running in 720p
Looks beautiful on my Toshiba Regza.


What game is this?


What converter are you using?



Macros, a very good and impressive shooter for the SFC.


None. This is direct from the Analogue Super NT to the TV. I game standard scanlines switched on with gamma boost from the Super NT’s menu.


Do you have a link to the web app you used to customize the sd2snes menu?