May be worth holding out for the Analogue’s DAC for Super NT (and their future consoles). I think that will end up becoming the graphically best way to play SNES on a CRT.


What makes you think it would be better than original hardware?


None of the SNESes have exceptionally sharp RGB output. Upscaled with OSSC it doesn’t look as clear as the Super NT or an emulator. I’m assuming that converting to analog from a very clear, razor sharp HDMI signal will yield superior RGB output than native hardware. Assuming the DAC is good.


Interesting I hadn’t heard that Analogue was doing that. I didn’t jump on a super NT because of my modded snes jr. but I really love their products. Kicking myself for not getting an NT mini.


Played Salamander 2 PS1 yesterday, didn’t get farther than Stage 4. Phone battery ran out of juice, didn’t take many pics :frowning:


I’m probably going to stick to original hardware indefinitely at this point. But yea, that is good advice. I hope their DAC is amazing.



Took this for fun, not really showcasing any scanlines or anything. WH2 Jet on MVS.


The mighty Sega Rally (Saturn).


Me too. I find Analogue’s work to be a great effort but the SNT still has bugs and inaccuracies compared to native hardware.


Doesn’t the SNES Jr also have some compatibility issues?


Mild ones, yes. And that’s official hardware. There’s always trade offs (it seems).


I bought a CRT.


Shadow mask goodness. What’s the brand and model number?


NEC MultiSync 75 N0701

I’m way more impressed with this than I expected. It’s eyesplitting at 60hz but above that it looks great, no whine, and best of all the image is displayed correctly unlike everything else I tried.

I was OK with throwing money at the retro game console image problem but you just can’t display mode 13h properly on any LCD I’ve tried even with the OSSC. There is a recent change to the OSSC firmware repo to support 13h better but even then you need to resolve it being 70hz in a world of 60hz LCDs.


13h? What’s does that mean?

Edit: I just noticed my tag says contra contra contra. Thanks guys. :expressionless:


Yep. And good choice on the brand - I’ve been a big fan of the NEC MultiSync line and continue to baby my 19" in the hopes that it lasts me a long, long time.


It’s the 320x200 mode used by most DOS games. It’s then linedoubled to 640x400 by VGA and later graphics cards. Every fixed pixel display and adapter I could try sampled that at 720 pixels, or even worse trying to display 480 lines, because the display processor has to guess what the resolution coming in from VGA is and whatever common lookup is used seems to just be wrong about mode 13h.


Ah. I learned something new today. Thank you.


Yeah, that is interesting. Since I don’t do old PC stuff, I have never heard of that.

And your posts show me that once again, it all seems to come back to a couple of bedrock truths: original hardware and a CRT are simply the best bets. Accept no substitutes.