How do you get anything over Line2x working on your Panny? My VT60 won’t take anything over Line2x, at least with all my RGB-modded Nintendo consoles and my PS1.


those screen grabs are 2x. I don’t use anything else because the elgato game capture won’t give any image above 2x


Grandia SS RGB OSSC/ Elgato gamecapture hd


Not scanlines, but some quick phone pics from the end of Metal Slug 7 played on a DSI XL. I’d like to get the real camera out and grab some better photos of the XL’s nice screens.


Beautiful screens. Hard to believe the game looks so good even though it is just a ds. Shame we never got sprite art like that style since it


Metal Slug 7 is underrated.


I need to play Grandia!

By the way, which version of Metal Slug 7 is it worth getting? I think I own it on the PSP.


Grandia SS / RGB / OSSC / Elgato gamecapture HD


Astro Omega GBA on Bvm 20f1


Metal Slug 7 is better on DS for single player and native res graphics. It’s also decent on PSP and/or PSVita in original pixel mode as well as if you want to play multiplayer on the go. Note, it’s called Metal Slug XX on all non-DS platforms because there are some changes to it similar to how Metal Slug X was a remake of MS2.

It’s scaled really badly on the Xbox 360 version, but supports arcade sticks so may be a good way to play too.

There’s really no perfect release of the game. But I like playing it on a DSi XL most because it looks as good as Mega’s images above.


MS7’s native res is not that of the DS screen. You can see from the way the sprites look and the scrolling that they’re 240p (224p?) downscaled to 192p. That being said, it’s not so bad or noticeable in the heat of gameplay.

The sprites have just been rescaled as opposed to redrawn, so all of the characters look smudgy and pixellated. The backgrounds, too, seem to have been created to be displayed at a higher resolution, and there’s a weird shimmering as the screen scrolls.


@Mega beat me to it, was just screenshotting the differences. For whatever reason I can’t get the square pixels in screenshots like the og hardware and as displayed in emulation but you get the idea.

DS: Lower resolution sprites with the background shimmering on both the horizontal and vertical axis to a distracting extent.

PSP: Original arcade sprites with the background scaled to the PSP’s resolution, no shimmer.


Right thanks, guess i need to own both lol.


Just did a run through of both Tomba! games. Any familiar with this series here?


Lets just say yes. Hope you got your fill with them since you are not going to find another game quite like them.


Love the Tomba! series. They sell for crazy prices these days. I have the USA versions.

To get back to (kinda) scanlines, here’s Shin Honkaku Hanafuda (1999, Altron) on Dreamcast over VGA on my 640x480 LCD TV. Which means 1:1 pixel mapping.

16MB ripped and compressed, running from SD card.

Just gorgeous…

…enhance! (pinch to zoom)


Hope you got your fill

I certainly did! 100% runs of both got just a little exhausting. In Tomba! 1 I accidentally broke the barrel in Wobbly Wharf and had to backtrack a couple hours. Also raged pretty good at the Trolley in Tomba! 2 lol.

@matt wow this and the DSI XL really prove to me how nice low res LCDs actually look when they are displaying native res content


Native res displays can fix so many flaws with low res content. Not all low res LCDs are that good though. DSi XL is exceptional. Most of the others from retro days are lower quality and have ghosting or poor calibration.


Indeed. Just look at Game Gear, Lynx, NGPC, even the first GBA SPs.

I searched for a while until I found this Philips TV. There are a few others from around that time (2006) that use the same (or similar) 640x480 panels.

I’ve seen sets by LG (the panel in my Philips is by LG/Philips), Sharp (probably their own panel), some little known brands you’ve never heard of. Samsung also. The vary in video connections: SCART, S-Video, Composite, VGA. My Philips has DVI-I which can be converted easily and cheaply to VGA, Component and HDMI.

As far as I can see this was the last low res panel made at 20" before the concept of the EDTV standard was consigned to history.


Does this mean pixel grid screenshots can be allowed in the scanline screenshot thread? :smiley:

Interesting posts, though, and it’s why I can’t stand playing PSP games on PS Vita. Input lag aside, the pixel doubling of PSP games sounds good on paper, since Vita’s resolution is 4x PSP’s, so 4 pixels map on to one PSP pixel. But in practice it looks a whole lot worse.

Because one Vita pixel is significantly smaller than one PSP pixel, with four tiny Vita pixels making up one larger PSP pixel you lose the gaps in between each ‘native’ pixel, and those gaps smoothen out the image - crucial with both pixel art but more so with downscaled ‘high res’ art. I need to dig out some photos I took of the Tactics Ogre remake running on both. It looks gorgeous on PSP but a sharpened mess on Vita.