Of course.

Regarding the other part of your post, got any comparison pictures?


Great! I’ll try and grab a comparison of Tactics Ogre, just need to transfer my latest PSP
save across to the Vita.


I’m back with a pixel grid comparison between PSP (native 1:1 mapped) to PS Vita (pixel doubled 4:1 mapped). In photos where both systems aren’t present PSP should follow Vita.

Edit: you’ll probably have to view the images full size because the compression artefacts appear to have blurred the details.



Welp… looks like I need a PSP


You don’t have a PSP?=O


Great screens. Obvious difference.

I need to fish out my PSP to play Powerstone 2.


Aye, the PSP-3000’s display is rather underrated due to its interlacing characteristics, which were less intrusive than the copious amounts of ghosting in the older screens.

It has a pretty good peak brightness levels and two levels of colour saturation. The new level led to oversaturated colours on older games, but Sony did include the ability to revert back to the original colour saturation in the XMB so it’s the best of both worlds (by comparison, the DS Lite oversaturates every GBA release). Just a shame it isn’t IPS but it’s not really used the same way as a DSi XL would, which has more screen area and the clamshell design.


I don’t. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I’ve said it before but for playing PSP games having native res really is the best. Games just look better.

Vita’s not a bad way to do it if you just want to consolidate but handhelds are so small it makes a lot of sense to me just to have the best options for everything.


Yea… the only questions I have is which PSP to buy? And how can I get my my digital PSP games on there from my Vita?


If you want to play on an actual PSP, the 3000 is certainly the best model; it is slim and light like the 2000 but it has a much better screen with better color and less ghosting, and it has a better button feel and especially a really great d-pad. If you want it to be just that little bit better the Monster Hunter Special Edition has the extended battery and makes it less ridiculous and makes the analog nub a bit more usable with the concave top.

The easiest way to get games from PSN onto a PSP is via a PS3 and transferring them over. I think there may be a way to do it on PC as well.


Yar har fiddle dee


Why is NGPC on your list of handhelds with bad screens? The screen is very good besides being non-lit! I have two: a stock and front-lit modded. Modded unit is convenient for use in dim lighting, but it makes the games look much worse than playing a stock NGPC under a good light.


It’s fair to say that any non-backlit screen is a deal breaker with today’s standards. But yea, GBC, GBA-SP (with frontlight turned off) and NGPC all have great non-lit screens if you are willing to play that way.


That was my only reason to include it.

Original SP was on there because even with front light on its quite ghosty.


not the best but some phone shots of X-men snes:

[edit, these look terrible on my phone hopefully they scale well; won’t be able to check on a computer for a couple hours.]


Another vote from me for the 3000.

The 1000 and 2000 have screens that are just horrible to look at with copious amounts of ghosting when in motion.

The 3000 has a much improved D-Pad, quite possibly the best ‘mushy’ D-Pad Sony has ever put in a handheld or controller, as well as better defined clicky home buttons along the bottom row, and a fixed Square button (the foundation beneath the Square button in earlier models was tilted).

Make sure to pick up a good official battery, too. I picked up a brand new, unsealed 3000 a couple of years ago and was disappointed to find that the official battery in the box had swollen. Was able to track down a used one to replace it and it’s been fine.


Depends on the one you got. My NES edition front lit model doesn’t ghost at all.