I was thinking the same thing, not sure what’s up with your SP but my AGS-001 doesn’t ghost at all, it is pretty much the AGB-001 screen with a not very good front light + diffusion layer. That layer can add a bit of blur but with the light off in sunlight it is genuinely a good screen.



Level 3?

I love Contra so much. What a great game.


Yep, at the top right before the boss.

I frequently play Contra. It was so impossible as a kid but now so enjoyable as an an adult. I’m by no means good at it (no shame Konami code) but it’s fun and challenging without feeling cheap. It’s also instant nonstop action.

Area 6!
NESRGB, PVM-1954Q, iPhone 5 camera (yep lol)


Here’s a couple shots from a few nights ago. I took them with a Note 5.

Mega Man X on PS2, Component out.

Wonder Boy In Monster Land on SMS, SCART output, converted to Component.

TV is a KV-27FS320


One of my favorite scenes in video games. Chrono Trigger, SNES, RGB, PVM 20L5. iPhone X camera.

(Yea, I still stink at taking good pics. Doesn’t do the PVM justice)


Are you just using the automatic settings. Try changing the exposure and ISO. Toying around a bit with that alone will usually allow you to get much better results than you thought possible


Yea. Good tips. I’ll give it a shot. I just fired it off quickly


How are you guys connecting the best way from a modern system to an old CRT?


Drill Dozer on Bvm 20F1U


I made a write up on how to emulate on a CRT in this thread here: My Experience emulating to my CRT

Basically you use a modified driver with a somewhat older AMD GPU, some Nvidia GPUs can also do this but I couldn’t get my GTX 980 to do it when I tried and decided to just add the AMD in with it and I had an easier time with that so ymmv, then with the right hardware which I have linked to in the thread (make sure to read the entire thread btw, the VGA to Component adapter I linked to is good, the problem I was having with it seems to be specific to me because I have a bad ground loop problem) you can send a 15khz signal to your CRT in any resolution the TV supports once you get used to the software. PM me if you have any questions on where to get started though.


Alternatively, @Danexmurder is using a downscaling device called a Corio (if I recall correctly) to downscale HD games to 240p. The screenshots look impeccable and I believe it would be compatible with consoles too.


By the way, I just acquired a 1T-C2-400 and a USP405 (based on this post… I’d wanted a downscaler for years and decided to take the plunge).

What cables to I need and where do you recommend I buy them?

Edit: actually, I think I have this figured out. Man, this hobby. It feels like my setup is never “done.” But I kind of like that.


Yep, I’d just read through this thread at Shmups. They put this together after I got mine set up and all the important info is there!


Thank you so much for the info!


Picked up another 20L5 today from a GovDeals auction and putting it through its paces.


Super NT at 720p, on a Sony X930E


That looks real good peagles!


Yeh honestly it really does, I’m super impressed. I haven’t really messed with any settings yet that’s just outta the box.


Legend of Hero Tonma, PCE CoreGrafx, PVM-14L2