Sadly no although a few people are trying to get Sega Saturn Lunar Silver star story complete translated by integrating some of the ps1 files. and other wizardries


I tried the PS1 version briefly and I was already annoyed by the voice acting. Same thing as with Magic Knight Rayearth. For that at least there’s a patch for the japanese voice + english non-WD translation. It’s a shame since the Saturn version looks really good and from what I hear it’s the definitive version.


PVM20L5 via SNES Jr. RGB

XBR43800D via SNES Jr to OSSC 5x

Sorry, I thought my color range was set to limited. I keep forgetting that OSSC has full 4:4:4:4 chroma unlike the XRGB.


Smetty on my 14" PMV. SNES jr. w/ rgb



ENHANCE. Hah, looking good!


Ok got it. I’ll keep that in mind!


No enough love for slot mask CRTs

[edit] My dyslexia will have the best of me


Super Nintendo - Yoshis Island - JP Cartridge - RGB in to Sony PVM 1342Q


Sonic The Hedgehog - Mega Drive (J) + OSSC


Sega Saturn- Akumajo Dracula X via OSSC


pc engine SFII’ CE - component / OSSC


I’d love to get different CRTs with different pixel types. That looks great. But they’re hard to find in NA while still doing SCART.


Zero Mission and Circle of the Moon thru GBI


Hmm, I need to adjust the focus on my PVM. I watched Bodine’s video when he posted it but need to check that out again and find out where the adjustment is on mine (1954Q).


Super Nintendo - Yoshi’s Island Japanese Cart - RGB in to Sony PVM14M2U


More focus investigation needed I guess…Cloud is looking pretty good:


Keep an eye out for JVC and Ikegami pro CRT monitors. Some of the ones I have/had look different from the Sony pro monitors.


Good morining everyone. ^_-

Gunstar Heroes - Mega Drive (J) + OSSC


Some good morning porn. Thanks for that.


First time doing this. Any tips are welcome:

Street Fighter Zero 2 (Saturn / S-Video / Consumer CRT)

I should probably take pictures at night so the light reflections don’t bounce on the tv screen.