I would recommend turning off the vertical interpolation when using scanlines as they don’t quite line up with the image correctly with it on.


Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair, Duo-R CD, OSSC on 4K LED


Wu Tang Shaolin Style on the PlayStation on a JVC crt… composite!


Thanks, I’ll check this out tonight!


Double post but damn… that actually looks pretty good!


Composite can be really decent on the right display. I still play my NES via composite and really don’t mind the artifacts on a CRT.


The game makes a big difference as well. After getting my NES RGB modded I really struggle with the shimmer on Contra and Castlevania via composite.


Fire emblem GBA on Bvm 20f1u


Hot! I think that’s still my favorite one.


Yea. Still the only fire emblem game I’ve experimented with but didn’t get too far. Lovely pixel art and animation though.

My issue is that I spent way too much time tinkering with my units before battle than actually playing the game :see_no_evil:. After 20 chapters or so, I realized I was stressing myself out too much.


Rocket Knight Adventures on Genesis via RGB on a Sony PVM 20m2mdu


Frigging beautiful. My fav fire emblem as well. Lyn and Hector are badasses


Battlemania 2


Just kinda catching up on the Corio … neat trick, that.


Just bought a Duo from Doujindance,PQ is amazing! I used to have one of his older mods and his new ones blow it out of the water!

(pics from a PVM 20L5)


Looks incredible! I’ve got an RGB capable TG16 on the way with a SCART cable, so it’ll be interesting to see what it looks like.


I’ve been playing Ocarina of Time on 3DS a little bit. Was never able to get into the game due to the controls on the N64, but I’m quite liking this way of playing it.


I love the 3DS versions of both Ocarina and Majora’s Mask. I can never bring myself to replay the N64 version even though OoT is one of my all time favorite games


Got a Corio C2-2200A, only done a bit of messing around but I’m enjoying it :slight_smile:

Modern shots are from a Switch and NES/Fami are a Retrousb AVS. Consumer JVC, 240p over component.


Devil Crash Md!